Kingdee Cloud Cosmic Artificial Intelligence (AI) Service

Helps enterprises achieve intelligence across application scenarios and helps organisations improve experiences, optimise processes, save costs and reduce risk and build enterprise-level AI services.

Kingdee Cloud Cosmic Artificial Intelligence (AI) Service

Note Recognition

Improves the efficiency of information entry and verification management by extracting key fields of data through authentication, universal OCR recognition and NLP technology. Can be applied to scenarios such as new hires, supplier warehousing, invoice identification and inspection.

Intelligent Search

Kingdee Cloud Cosmic intelligent search has the capabilities of semantic understanding, context awareness and personalised recommendation, making enterprise search easier and smarter.

Risk Forecasting

Kingdee Cloud Cosmic AI application development platform leverages AI to provide services such as user profiling, risk forecasting and risk control. This helps customers use their business data to realise smart scenarios and improve their competitiveness. Can be applied to sales data management, sales forecasting, anomaly warning analysis and other scenarios

Smart Queries

Kingdee Cloud Cosmic AI chatbot platform enables enterprises to build, set up, customise and optimise smart chatbots in a low-code, low-cost way. Can be applied to scenarios such as business intelligence queries and FAQs


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