What is Kingdee Cloud Stellar?
Kingdee Cloud Xingchen focuses on online business and digital management for small businesses, empowering enterprises with its three major features of 'new finance and taxation, new marketing, and a new platform'. It provides a financial services cloud, tax cloud, purchase, sales and inventory cloud, and order marketplace SaaS services, as well as supporting open source customer expansion, smart management and real-time decision making
New platform
Provides comprehensive API interfaces that enable customer re-development, broad connectivity for ecosystem partners, and one-stop services for small and micro businesses
New marketing
Builds an enterprise's integrated online and offline business capability, and offers full-process business tracking, including purchasing, sales, collection, invoicing, storage and delivery, to achieve closed-loop management of business processes
New finance and taxation
With the deep integration of business, finance and taxation, intelligent accounting, and unbound financial productivity, it enhances the accounting efficiency of enterprises, allowing them to control taxes by invoice and rationally plan tax declarations. It helps small and micro enterprises improve their financial management standards
Kingdee Cloud Stellar Solutions
  • Financial Services
  • Purchase, Sales and Inventory Cloud
  • Tax
  • Order Marketplace
  • Financial Services
    Offers deep integration of business, finance and taxation, and empowers business through financial capabilities such as smart accounting, reports, credit management and asset management
  • Purchase, Sales and Inventory Cloud
    With integrated supply chain management, helps reduce costs and increase efficiency, featuring multi-directional cost accounting for purchasing, sales and warehouse management, as well as transaction management and operational analysis
  • Tax
    Control tax by invoice and create enterprise tax experts, with features such as invoice management, intelligent invoicing, invoice verification and tax control analysis
  • Order Marketplace
    Build an enterprise-specific online marketplace with top-line marketing, online ordering, promotions, interactive marketing and multi-method payment
  • Kingdee Cloud Stellar Industrial Solutions
  • Food
    Combining practical experience in the food and beverage industry, focusing on food safety issues, changes of consumer demand, diversity of multi-channel models, and cross-regional collaboration, or more.
  • Maternal and infant
    Focus on the vertical refinement of the industry, the diversification of the consumption environment, and the cross-regional collaboration.
  • Stationery and Instructment
    Provide a one-stop growth service platform designed for small and micro enterprises, dedicated solutions for product innovation and cross-regional collaboration.
  • 3C Digital
    A one-stop growth service platform designed for information circulation in small and micro enterprises, focusing on helping 3C digital enterprises to improve cross-regional collaboration efficiency and other issues.
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    Worry-free service 12 hours, 7 days a week
    Offers online service through a '400' hotline/enterprise QQ/smart customer service, etc., and 31 branches throughout the country, to make sure you're buying and servicing with peace of mind
    Efficient operation and maintenance, secure and stable.
    Offers international information security standard certification and domestic telecommunications-grade IDC server room data storage to ensure data security
    Kingdee quality, leading technology
    Since its establishment in 2007, Jingdou Cloud has focused on the wholesale, retail and modern service industries, earning the approval of over 1 million enterprises
    Operations + management, integrated solutions
    With management centred on financial and tax innovations, and operations centred on omni-channel marketing, it creates integrated solutions for 'business + management'
    Customer Success Stories