E-commerce Solution is building an integrated new retail system for e-commerce companies

E-commerce & OMS : specialised, intelligent, integrated

E-commerce Management Solution for meeting various needs

Guanyi Cloud C-ERP

One-stop e-commerce management solutions, SaaS ERP that covers the entire e-commerce process

Guanyi Cloud OMS

Omni-channel order management system (OMS) for large- and medium-sized e-commerce companies, capable of effectively processing millions of orders

Guanyi Cloud WMS

Intelligent three-dimensional management system for large- and medium-sized e-commerce companies, enabling highly IT-based, precision warehouse management

Kingdee E-commerce Management Solution

Deep integration, covers enterprises’ entire business chain, integrated management of business and finance

Omni-channel marketing solutions for group companies

Connected with Guanyi Cloud EC-OMS and EC-WMS, Kingdee Cloud Galaxy provides integrated financial and business solutions for large- and medium-sized group companies.
• E-commerce platform construction
• Big data platform construction
• Internal system integration and business optimisation
• Mobile application development

Omni-channel marketing solutions for SMEs

Connected with Kingdee Cloud Galaxy, Guanyi Cloud C-ERP provides omni-channel marketing solutions for SMEs, including:
• Multi-organisation collaborative operation
• Intelligent accounting platform for automatic generation of multi-account-book vouchers
• Integrated order management for multiple platforms and multiple stores
• Precise inventory management suitable for various business models featuring multiple warehouses and goods owners
• Seamless connection with systems, enabling data connectivity between internal and external systems

Integrated solutions for SMEs covering both online and offline businesses

Connected with Kingdee K/3 WISE, Guanyi Cloud C-ERP helps SMEs achieve integrated management
• Centralised display and processing of orders at multiple e-commerce platforms
• Integrated management of inventories at brick-and-mortar stores and on online e-commerce platforms
• Data sharing between online and offline stores for integrated financial management of e-commerce and offline businesses
• Offline management system can be used to process sales bookkeeping and financial accounting, and enable understanding of business conditions

New retail solutions for small and micro enterprises

Connected with Kingdee Jingdou Cloud, Guanyi Cloud C-ERP provides customer-centric, order-driven new retail solutions for small and micro enterprises
• Automated report generation
• Accurate accounting of product costs during warehousing and retrieval
• Proprietary E-commerce operation analysis
• Independent accounting of single-store profit for multi-store chain operation
• Cloud services for collaboration among multiple devices

Mobile office solutions

Based on Kingdee Cloud-Hub, Guanyi Cloud builds a social networking-style mobile office collaboration and management platform, to help enterprises achieve real-time data transmission
• Unified enterprise and user account system
• Mobile interface for collaboration both inside and outside enterprises
• Builds intelligent data collection service platform for enterprises by leveraging open API


Why choose Kingdee E-commerce Management Solution?

That builds an integrated new retail system for e-commerce companies

Offers integrated omni-channel solutions for enterprises that cover their entire business chain, and facilitate the integration of online businesses, offline businesses, supply chain, and purchase, sale and inventory

Comprehensively covers business scenarios

Uses innovative technologies to provide specialised management services to e-commerce companies, with the ability to process up to 25,000 orders per second, ahead of peers in Taobao stress tests for eight consecutive years

Quick-response service system

Provides specialised marketing and operational services for enterprises with delivery in three to five days, while adhering to the business philosophy of “helping customers succeed”

Pure SaaS services featuring transparency and compatibility

Fully compatible with over 60 platforms, over 30 logistics companies, and over 30 third-party systems


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