Business Challenges
A single way to draw in fans and traffic
Without integrated management of a membership system, brand loyalty is low and there is no traffic to the private domain
Catering supply chains have low operating efficiency and extensive control
Retail stores request goods manually and distribution centres do not centralise distribution, which affects the efficiency of supply chain circulation
Catering outlets have high management costs and operation workflows are overly complex
Traditional catering outlets still present issues such as single-order services, manual operations are overly complex, and lack of rigour in controlling store costs, etc.
Kingdee digitalisation solutions for the food industry
By incorporating an integrated ECB+POS+O2O complete value chain solution, incorporating catering tasks and financial information resources into a basic management platform, management will have with real-time access to various data to improve the precision and implementation of business decisions.Our comprehensive solutions link up information channels across various business tasks within the company. Access to underlying data of different modules provides a solid foundation for the company to adapt itself to changes in market conditions and to structurally adjust its financial system and business operations.
New Catering Industry Solutions
A SaaS cloud product integrating speed, portability and convenience and very high performance. It can be utilised in subdivisions such as light catering, fast food, baking, milk tea, and fresh produce stores, etc. It can achieve in-store dining, takeaway, WeChat ordering, order middle-office, powerful functions such as funds management, app integration, fast marketing, mobile reports, etc.
Enterprise Management Design Digital Blueprint
From strategic planning and design, enterprise operations control, supply chain and the consumer side, via digitalisation, daily operations and consumer data analysis and monitoring, and quick feedback to make operations more precise
Improve Operating Efficiency via Business Coordination
A unified stock replenishment and distribution system effectively prevents overstocking and delays in in-store food preparation. The introduction of standardised central kitchens and procurement centres has translated into cost reductions and improved efficiency. A company’s earnings are displayed on a real-time basis through business-finance integration, with strong support offered for business decision-making.
Smart Operational Control and Centralised Planning
The CRM enterprise service platform offers order-taking, reservation and other consumer-oriented applications, expanding management from internal affairs to interactions with consumers, increasing customer connections to promote customer loyalty and brand awareness.
Improved Online and Offline Customer Experience
The centralised management and control platform covers corporate headquarters, regional offices, stores and customers, making it possible to formulate, disseminate and enforce new policies in a coherent manner. As a result, business processes, process monitoring, member management and operations can be standardised, and data management and analysis can be centralised.