Business Challenges
Increased Difficulty for Enterprise Omni-channel Cloud
Effective brand empowerment, accurate market positioning, content marketing, accurate service, community marketing and smart store upgrades are important topics to reflect on during the current digitalisation of enterprises.
Global Inventory Control
In terms of omni-channel inventory management, it is necessary to strike a balance between timely response to market demand and inventory level control. However, it is challenging for many enterprises to meet market needs in a timely manner and minimise inventory backlog.
How to Make Data Bring Incremental Value to Business Operations
It is difficult to integrate marketing data from various channels in a timely manner. Therefore, companies cannot truly benefit from the data. How to improve the data efficiency and form a new retail operation pattern that uses front-end data to promote back-end business is the third transformation difficulty that needs attention.
How Terminals Connect Consumers
Consumption patterns have become increasingly diversified and dispersed. More and more terminal devices, such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, smart watches, and virtual reality devices, have become shopping interfaces. How to achieve omni-channel touchpoint support remains a challenge.
Fine Management of Distributors
As distribution channels are based on a buyout transaction model, it is harder to achieve management and control. Traditional branding strategies are difficult to implement and problems such as regional channel conflict still exist.How to achieve cross-channel cooperation and improve the overall consumption experience under the new retail model is also a core issue.
Kingdee Omni-channel & New Retail Cloud Solutions
Through an agile front office, shared middle office, and diverse back office, Kingdee Cloud Galaxy can connect omni-channel data with marketing operations to achieve unified management of all network orders, unified distribution of global inventory, accurate marketing of all network members, and industry and finance integration solutions.
Order Coordination (performance of source is the key to optimisation)
Multi-terminal order coordination: planning, orders, dispatch, funds coordination; win-win cooperation: platform-level promotions, rebates, costs, funds reconciliation...
Omni-channel Marketing (strong online and offline ecosystem competition)
Straight-through coordination: multi-level, multi-channel, online/offline order-level order fulfilment system; smart services: production targets, purchase orders, distribution, cash flow, bill settlement etc....
New Retail (digitalisation of new stores)
Technological innovation: large interactive screens, customer flow heat sensors, smart warehousing, upgraded experience; improved sales per unit area: network-wide membership, multi-terminal POS, platform sales promotion, responsible management, intelligent restocking to improve sales per unit area...
Cloud Deployment
Provides two types of delivery, buyout deployment of public cloud and lease deployment, providing enterprises with more choices, and public cloud deployment to provide clients with greater security guarantees
C2M& O2O Supply Chain Resolution
Provides consumers with all kinds of channel solutions for order placement, supporting integration of online/offline business operations, while simultaneously offering support for integration of custom supply chain and manufacturing systems
Total Coverage Channel Modes
Supports multi-channel modes business management such as traditional distribution, chain retail, and B2C online e-commerce.
Unified Platform, High-power, Business and Data Integration
Kingdee Marketing Cloud 8 solutions can be used to implement an integrated Kingdee Cloud platform, achieve data integration of the original ecology business and finance.