Business Challenges
Lack of Data Support Improvement
Management cannot comprehensively understand manufacturing processes and data analysis in real time
Low Quality Control Capabilities and Difficulty in Tracing
Lack of effective quality control measures in the production process leads to unstable product quality and affects customer satisfaction. Enterprises have not established a complete quality traceability system, quality traceability is difficult, and quality improvement lacks data support.
Low Efficiency of Production Resources and Unable to Meet User Delivery Time
Due to causes such as unreasonable planning, delayed material delivery and untimely exception handling, the production is suspended or effective production time is shortened, the efficiency of personnel and equipment is low, which affects the order fill rate.
Non-Transparent Production Processes, Low Coordination Efficiency
Production process information is delayed, and the execution status of each business link cannot be obtained in real time. Repeated follow-up is required, high communication cost and low coordination efficiency.
High Demand Uncertainty and Poor Planning and Scheduling
Customised production, high demand uncertainty, frequent changes in plans, lack of flexibility in planning, poor scheduling, and unable to quickly transform external demand into internal production and procurement requirements means that production cannot be carried out in an orderly manner.
Using Data for Empowerment, Accelerating Enterprise Upgrades
Traditional manufacturing companies are being confronted with increasingly customised businesses, increasingly shorter delivery times required by customers, rising quality, labour and manufacturing costs that are increasing yearly, and recruitment difficulties. Kingdee Cloud Galaxy Manufacturing Cloud combines years of practical experience in manufacturing, to meet the needs of the mature framework of the industrial Internet platform. This helps companies access the digital ecosystem, helping manufacturing companies improve their digital capabilities, optimising efficiency and manufacturing costs, and creating core competitive advantages.
Handheld Factory
Integrated with the teleworking app Cloud-Hub to stay up to date with the factory status anywhere at any time
Quality Management and Tracing
Process-wide in-depth quality control, achieves two-way source and location traceability, and helps sustainably improve quality
Smart Billboard
Flexible custom billboard, clear workshop status, efficient scheduling and rational decision-making
Smart and Error-proof
Various smart and error-proof mechanisms, improving pass rates and production site processing quality
ANDON Telecommunications
Faults are quickly dealt with, promoting manufacturing efficiency and quality
Accurate paperless instructions, increasing quality and efficiency
Manufacturing workflow tracing, continued quality improvement
Quality control and information recording of the entire process from incoming materials to manufacturing and finished products, creating a complete quality file and traceability system to provide comprehensive data support for accurate after-sales traceability and quality improvement
The new Cloud+Edge+End model guarantees manufacturing stability and efficiency
The three-layer "Cloud-Edge-End" architecture effectively solves the issue of production stoppage caused by network interruptions and other issues, and ensures continuous and stable site operation and efficient collaboration between on-site equipment without waiting time.
A Combination of IT+OT, Software/Hardware Integration
Through software and hardware solutions integration and in-depth integration of IT and OT technologies, opening access between information systems and low-level equipment, and improving overall manufacturing efficiency
PLM+ERP+MES Integrated Cloud Platform, Improving Operational Efficacy
The true PLM+ERP+MES integrated cloud platform achieves the whole workflow integration of R&D management, resource planning, and manufacturing implementation from the bottom, and solves the issues of integrating conflicting systems, high costs, etc.Achieves integration of research and production, coordinates productions, supply and marketing, and drives users toward to goals of quality improvement, increasing efficacy and reducing costs