Business Challenges
Digital "New Finance" Management and Control
Corporate financial consolidation, budget management, performance, capital and other aspects will have related changes in the digital age. Financial management and control is facing a redefinition.
Challenges of Technology Empowerment
New technologies such as AI robots, mobile applications, big data, and cloud computing have brought new changes to the operation and management of enterprises. How can financial management use new technologies to create greater value?
The Challenge of Diverse Accounting
In the Internet era, financial management is facing new demands, such as cost refinement under multiple varieties and small batches, small profit centre calculations, flexible adaptation of multinational accounting tax systems, and internal transactions under complex scenario management.
Pressure from Repetitive Standardised Work
Financial accounting is a business with high repetitiveness, high standardisation, and heavy workload. Financial personnel need relief from daily accounting work that is highly repetitive and has low added value.
Galaxy Finance Cloud Solutions
The three requirements clearly set out for the digitalisation of finance are: new technologies, accounting, management and control. Kingdee Cloud Galaxy continues to innovate in the financial field, integrating new technologies to keep changing the definition of accounting, management and control. Cloud services and the internet are conducive to the creation of accounting service platforms, optimising financial organisational structures, standardising financial workflows, integrating internal and external company financial resources, supporting financial staff transformation, and providing more valuable internal and external unit financial services in line with market forces
Global Operations
Supports multiple accounting standards and languages in order to provide financial services to 46 countries and areas worldwide and supporting transnational company operations
Group Financial Management
Multiple organisations, multiple accounting systems, multiple ledgers, etc. are involved in the building of a group financial accounting system, consolidated group statements, centralised group funds management, and comprehensive group funds management with the aim of building a group financial control system
Management Accounting
The management accounting platform fully supports amoeba operations, amoeba unit accounting, and quickly provides statements to help promote business operations optimisation and help train management
Smart Finances
Smart bookkeeping, simultaneous business finance and tax integration, invoice recognition, one-click tax reporting, self-service financial services mobile applications for employee finances, big data analysis for smarter decision-making
Mobile Internet
The convenient mobile phone application opens up the company's refund management, fund management, sales collection budget management, etc. to opportunities other than just PC-based, and opens up its operating status to any time and location, making financial management easier
Amoeba Management Accounting
Management accounting supports the multi-dimensional subdivision of amoeba organisations, establishing a more refined accounting system, and intuitively mirroring the operating conditions and profits of each company organisation, providing fast support for decision-making analysis and promoting the core company competitiveness
Multi-organisation, Multi-account System
Through the establishment of multiple accounting systems and inter-organisational transactions, the financial reporting and internal assessment can be separated and carried out in parallel. While supporting legal person accounts, it can span corporations and calculate central management account profits
Smart Financial Management
Through the application of financial AI technology, more convenient payment and collection, receipts, invoicing, accounting, etc. can be achieved, and repetitive and complex financial tasks are simplified and become more standardised while further promoting work efficiency and quality.