Kingdee Cloud Galaxy

A digital innovation for cloud ERP platforms for growth companies

Adopting cloud ERP system

is a general trend among enterprises

Against a backdrop of integrated development, China’s digital economy is experiencing fast growth and rapid innovation applied to various fields. In the “Internet +” wave, both traditional large enterprises and emerging small- and medium-sized companies are, through digitalisation, optimising their business processes, enhancing customer recognition and restructuring business models. Adopting a cloud ERP system has become an important move and general trend for enterprises in Hong Kong and across the globe, helping them smoothly adapt to the development of the digital economy and carry out digital transformation

• Empowerment of information technology in the digital era: efficiency improvements and model innovation, with data at the core

• Cloud computing has become the driving force of corporate innovation, and migrating systems to cloud-based ERP platforms is a prerequisite for enterprises looking to achieve digital transformation

Business value of Kingdee Cloud Galaxy

Powerful Functionality

Supports multi-organisation structures, multiple accounting systems, multiple account books, Amoeba, rapid and flexible capacity expansion and rapid functionality upgrade

Data Security

Works with Amazon to provide all-around data security, including ISO 27001, SOC1, SOC2, SOC3 and CSA 


No need to purchase servers and databases or one-time ERP software; free upgrades provided

Service Satisfaction

Provides 24/7 technical support, including online customer service and bills of lading 

Core applications of Kingdee Cloud Galaxy
that meet various needs

Kingdee Cloud Financial Solutions

Targets large- and medium-sized enterprises across Hong Kong, China and internationally with multiple organisations and profit centres and fully supports multi-organisation business collaboration through ERP software

Main features:

• Smart bookkeeping via scanning
• Mobile Amoeba reports
• Integrated issuance/receipt of financial and tax bills
• Business accounting and financial sharing

Kingdee Cloud Supply Chain Solutions

Targets the operation of purchase, sales and inventory management at enterprises. When implemented, the ERP system can help comprehensively manage the supply chain of businesses in Hong Kong and internationally by effectively managing and controlling information, material and capital flows in production, supply, and sales

Main features:

• Flexible multi-organisation collaboration
• Industry chain connectivity and business collaboration
• Business management and personalised adaptability
• Ability to integrate applications deeply and broadly

Kingdee Cloud Manufacturing Solutions

Focuses on collaborative production in multi-factory and multi-organisation settings, meeting the diversified configuration needs of enterprises, comprehensive cloud-based ERP system applications for manufacturing systems, and standardised management

Main features:

• Collaborative supply chain throughout the process
• Intelligent terminal with human-machine interface
• Fog computing and smart workshops
• Equipment connectivity and workshop performance dashboards (OEE)

Kingdee Cloud Omni-channel Solutions

Cloud ERP management system for companies in Hong Kong and across the globe with multiple organisations and multiple profit centres, to fully support multi-organisation business collaboration

Main features:

• Channel operation and empowerment
• Multi-level goods classification and goal management models
• Wang POS, purchasing via big screens, mini apps, electronic price tagging and other functionalities
• Account reconciliation, serial code tracking, e-invoicing, and member marketing

Kingdee Cloud Food and Beverage Solutions

Provides cloud-based ERP software to medium to large-sized chain markets, small chains or individual catering companies in Hong Kong and China for closed-loop connection of online and offline businesses, and for building management and operation platforms that cover the entire value chain spanning HQ, stores and consumers

Main features:

• Business integration between store sales, supply chain and food manufacturing
• Increase profitability by providing actionable insights for sales, operations, procurements and central kitchen management
• Multiple public accounts for the same group
• Recipe and inventory control with food cost analysis
• Simplified configuration of catering outlets

Kingdee Cloud PLM Solutions

Product life-cycle management system to help enterprises shorten R&D cycles and cut manufacturing costs

Main features:

• Specialised cloud-based ERP project management models
• Integration of various R&D management methods
• Supports business processes featuring synergies of R&D with marketing, procurement, manufacturing and maintenance
• Deep integration with ERP systems; B/S structure, supports multi-organisation cross-region R&D collaboration

Why choose Kingdee Cloud Galaxy?

According to IDC data, Kingdee held the largest share of the domestic SaaS cloud service market in 2017, marking the first time that a Chinese software maker overtook its foreign counterparts

Strategic partner of MIIT cloud-based platforms

Kingdee Cloud ERP is a strategic partner of MIIT, with its partner qualification authorised by the “China Cloud Service Alliance’s Main Committee on Helping Millions of Enterprises Migrate Systems to Cloud-Based Platforms” under MIIT

IDC: Kingdee holds the largest share in the Chinese enterprise SaaS cloud service market

Kingdee has entered into strategic partnerships with Huawei Cloud, Amazon AWS and China United Network Communications Group

Lists of government-recommended suppliers

Kingdee Cloud ERP is included in the lists of suppliers recommended by the local governments in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hunan, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Shandong and Guangxi

Successful customer case studies

End-consumer business of Huawei

Rebuilding the consumer-centric user experience

End-consumer business of Huawei

• 450 stores deployed cloud-based platforms in January and achieved rapid expansion of their retail networks;
• 48.3% of orders are completed by smart terminals (interactive terminal + mobile), successfully supporting Huawei Smart Life Store’s efforts to explore the new retail sector.


Integrated business with finance to stay abreast of marketing conditions at all times


• Helped Tencent integrate its three internal business systems;
• With the ability to support flexible multi-organisation structures, it was able to adapt to Tencent’s flexible and often-changing organisational structure;
• Helped Tencent achieve integration between business and finance and stay abreast of marketing conditions at its online malls and channel distributors at all times.

Samsung China

Smart store, innovative member marketing model

Samsung China

• Real-time control of business data of thousands of stores across China, to achieve business, finance and tax integration
• Helped terminal stores get members, promotions and goods onto platforms
• Customer traffic analysis, mobile POS and other innovative apps for smart stores

OPPO Shandong

Deep distribution, precision management

OPPO Shandong

• Goods-ordering and -classification management, and goal management for over 28,000 directly managed stores and franchise stores, and sharing of order, inventory and logistics information among them
• Mobile apps are helping promote sales and empower over 11,000 salespersons
• Processing over 37,000 orders a day


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