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Driven by dual models, Kingdee EAS helps group companies realise digital transformation

How can group companies maintain sustainable growth?

For companies to ensure short-term efficiency and enhance long-term ability to adapt to the future environment, dual-model IT will become the mainstream IT choice for group companies. Traditional IT and agile IT will co-exist, and be integrated to support corporate digital transformation.

Gartner: Research shows that 63% of enterprises will adopt a hybrid cloud model within five years, and the hybrid cloud is set to be the best model for large companies seeking transformation.

Source: Gartner, “CIO Predictions and Three Measures to Address Disruptive Effects of Digitalisation”

Characteristics of Kingdee EAS products

Excellent group control

Helps group companies achieve integrated business and financial policy management, and shift from accounting-based financial management to a management, service and value creation-oriented paradigm. Adopts technologies such as the IoT, cloud computing and big data, to help companies ensure the safe and efficient operation of their supply chains. Develops integrated solutions characterised by “five drivers, four synergies, three integrations, two controls, and big data” for manufacturing companies seeking digital transformation.

Extensive business connections

Kingdee EAS helps group companies embrace the Internet and become connected with users, partners and suppliers, so as to realise their Internet transformation. With connections via EAS, users can carry out innovations in business and trade models (including O2O), so that their companies can realise the “Internet + enterprise” concept.

Innovative, open platform

EAS uses the “terminal + cloud” approach to build a leading hybrid cloud for large enterprises. In terms of the terminal, it focuses on finance-sharing, smart-finance, business-finance-tax integration and user-friendliness, and strives to make the core more efficient and stable. In terms of the cloud, it leverages Kingdee’s new generation PaaS platform to build new apps and help companies become more agile and innovative in the new era.

Kingdee EAS solutions

Financial sharing solutions

Meets the following key needs:
• Global sharing: Builds sharing centres to help group companies with diversified businesses accomplish sharing management and help them improve the efficiency of their sharing centres;
• Intelligent sharing: Kingdee EAS adopts intelligent bill review, accounting and collection/payment, and uses e-invoicing, e-receipts, e-filing and other electronic means to help companies process business automatically and intelligently;
• Data sharing: Consolidates business and financial data from member companies and processes them collectively, serving as a big data centre for enterprises.

Intelligent manufacturing solutions

Meets the following key needs:
• New models: new manufacturing models for large-scale personalised customisation, eco-value network-based collaborative manufacturing, and intelligent discrete manufacturing;
• New manufacturing: targets the equipment manufacturing and machinery and electronics manufacturing industries, helping companies build new manufacturing systems and become more competitive;
• New capabilities: focuses on collaborative manufacturing and operational integration, supports enterprises in building interconnected, visualised, transparent and smart factories;
• New platform: takes a technological approach featuring Industry 4.0 and the industrial Internet, develops integrated solutions characterised by “five drivers, four synergies, three integrations, two controls and big data,” and helps companies develop new capabilities for intelligent manufacturing.

Digital marketing solutions

Meets the following key needs:
• Connects with consumers: Kingdee EAS B2C solutions can help companies build online malls targeting consumers, carry out single-network management, and improve work efficiency in both online and offline businesses.
• Connects with distributors: Kingdee EAS mobile distribution solutions can help companies process sales matters at any time or place through mobile devices, visualise the entire sales process, and achieve fast, intelligent ordering, intelligent matching of promotional policies, intelligent restocking, and intelligent order fulfilment via apps.
• Connects with industrial chain: Kingdee EAS B2P2B solutions target large- and medium-sized group companies and can help enterprises build an online platform connecting to the entire industry chain

Smart tax solutions

Meets the following key needs:
• Automated accounting process: redesigns and optimises accounting processes that can be easily standardised, to achieve automated accounting from business initiation to report issuance.
• Real-time business decision-making: more precise management of financial work from accounting to budgeting, shifting management priorities to business decision-making support and risk monitoring.
• Makes best use of funds: helps improve the liquidity of funds of group companies by adopting the cash pool and data pool models, assuring the healthy development of their capital chain.
• Integrated budget management: budget data of group companies must be based on business plans, while business plans are subject to budget management, which helps facilitate the implementation of corporate strategies.

Why choose Kingdee EAS

Integrated management solutions

Suitable for group companies focusing on capital, strategic and operational management. Offers group strategy, financial and human resources management, and corporate governance and business intelligent analysis solutions

Home-grown solutions

Offers home-grown solutions leveraging China-designed operating systems, databases and application software

Efficient operation management solutions

Offers efficient operation management solutions for group companies with complicated internal transactions, collaborative supply chains, intelligent manufacturing, and large-enterprise industrial Internet platforms

Helps companies innovate and grow in light of changing customer demand

Offers independently-designed business innovation platforms (BOS, mobile BOS, light analysis, etc.) to help group companies innovate and grow in light of changing customer demand


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