Kingdee Cloud Cosmic Integration Cloud Service
Focuses on the need for large enterprises to integrate their systems with Kingdee Cloud Cosmic using a metadata-driven design model. Quickly realise your customers' dynamic integration requirements with low-code visualisation, rich value conversion rules and open external service capabilities for simplified integration development, reliable execution and manageable problem risks. Supports the user-defined extension of webAPI custom connectors for the integration of different types of third-party systems.
Standard Integration Solution Out Of The Box
Kingdee's business lines offer customised integration of standard scenarios based on the integration cloud and are ready to use right out of the box. Customised scenarios can also be rapidly expanded based on standard scenarios to meet your customer's personalised integration needs.
Open Ecology
The integration cloud is able to open up service components. Integration objects, integration schemes, execution tasks, etc. in the platform can be invoked by third parties in the form of open API interfaces or micro-services for reuse. The integration cloud enables ISV partners to develop proprietary interfaces or application connectors based on specifications to adapt to more systems.
Low-code Visually Integrated Development Tools
Based on model-driven design philosophy, from the perspective of sales staff, it provides visual configuration tools that enable zero-code or low-code online development integration solutions. It also provides operation of the solution, task scheduling, monitoring reports, exception handling and other mechanisms to support complete life cycle management of the integration processes.
Extensive Connection Type Support
The integration cloud supports JDBC, API interfaces (webAPI), MQ (rabbitMQ, Kafka) and other common integrated technologies that integrate with third-party systems, with exclusive built-in connectors such as EAS, Galaxy, Cosmic and Oracle/SQL Server/mySQL for out-of-the-box use.