Kingdee Cloud Cosmic Development Service
Based on Kingdee's original fourth-generation dynamic domain model, provides dynamic modelling tools that support visual provisioning and low-code development. Easily build custom applications based on microservice architecture. Platforms include microservice components, development services, operational services, service management, API service frameworks, application modelling, cloud-supported services, and operations and maintenance services, providing a range of services and management tools for the development, deployment, running and operation of cloud applications (SaaS services).
Open APIs and Easy Integration of Enterprise Systems
Supports opening of full stack technology, the provision of industry, customer, and user customisation capabilities, enterprise model building capabilities, enterprise process modelling capabilities, enterprise-level chatbots, embedded AI, and embedded data analytics. Integrate API cloud services when needed and seamlessly extend your applications.
Kingdee Dynamic Domain Model (KDDM)
In the process of enterprise business modelling, abstract business modelling depicts enterprise models using metadata to provide a configurable, low-code platform, and help enterprises deposit assets as metadata for enterprise business models.
Low Code, High Agility
Delivers a low-code business applications platform in the fastest way, with minimal manual programming and minimal upfront software investment, training and deployment.