Kingdee Cloud Cosmic Data Service
Kingdee Cloud Cosmic Data Service: Light analysis, developed by Kingdee independently, has a data cloud computing engine and data visualisation platform with independent intellectual property and core technology, providing business personnel with a light modelling, multi-dimensional, high-performance platform for data analysis and data exploration.
Personalised Data Portal
Visual cards can be laid out to the first page of the portal and the dashboard to quickly customise the personalised data portal.
Get Up-to-date and Explore
Provides powerful data interaction, supports data filtering, data penetration and formula operations, and helps users quickly focus on and identify abnormal data. Look for answers to specific data questions.
Visible and Intelligent Data Presentation
Provides a rich variety of data visualisation types that can be rendered in a multi-dimensional perspective by simply dragging and dropping.
One-click Analysis
Provides embedded analytics through deep integration with business systems. One-click access to light analysis from business scenarios, analysis and exploration of business data. Provides a platform-built customisation capability for embedded analytics that can be quickly configured with simple tick fields.