Kingdee Cloud Cosmic Blockchain Service
With an autonomous and controllable blockchain infrastructure, it adheres to the service concept of building trust and delivering peace of mind. Faced with enterprise application scenarios, it builds value for affiliates, creating a reliable consensus between businesses and a relationship built on trust Enables blockchain for customers to make enterprise management more secure and efficient.
Certificates of Digital Assets
With the blockchain service cloud, key materials and information for specific businesses are digitally documented on the blockchain. The critical materials and information are digitally encrypted and converted to non-reversible data information, to safeguard data integrity and prevent tampering.
End-to-end Process Traceability
Building on the anti-tampering, irreversibility and traceability features of blockchain, tailor solutions to enterprise needs, resolving problems including enterprise information silos, poor information flow and lack of transparency in information. Effectively improve complex business operations in enterprise ERP management, and bring about effective accountability when disputes arise.