What is Kingdee Cloud Constellation SaaS Solutions
Kingdee Cloud Constellation (Previously called Cloud Cosmic) is a cloud-native SaaS service platform for large enterprises and state-owned enterprises. Independant and Controllable - Built with low code development, business middle stage, data middle stage, and more; Leading in market - Provide more than 200 standard applications such as financial cloud, employee service cloud, human resource cloud, collaboration cloud, project cloud, supply chain cloud, procurement cloud, etc. Ample and Superior - Provide more than 500 enterprise app ecosystems, have been widely used by large enterprises such as Huawei, Hisense, Yunnan China Tobacco, SF Express, State Power Investment Corporation, Hesteel Group, Wen Foodstuff Group, etc.
Large scalability and flexibility, can utilize resources in line with demand
Accessible and user-friendly experience
From workflow management to collaboration
Use domain model for dynamic system reconfiguration to meet the individual needs
Kingdee Cloud Constellation SaaS Solutions
  • Procurement
  • Omni-channel
  • Financial Services
  • Procurement
    Kingdee Cloud Constellation Procurement helps enterprises reduce procurement costs and establish strategic partnerships with suppliers through connection to various procurement e-commerce services and by supporting various procurement methods such as in-store procurement, procurement by price, procurement by bidding and strategic purchasing. It includes supplier management, source seeking management, supplier collaboration management and independent procurement management
  • Omni-channel
    Kingdee Cloud Constellation Omni-channel provides channel marketing solutions for enterprises. Enterprises can connect with customers and distributors through the channel cloud to build a marketing service and efficient collaboration platform. The channel level provides the function of a dealer portal, and the enterprise level provides the function of a B2B e-commerce centre and sales assistant
  • Financial Services
    The product architecture of the Kingdee Cloud Constellation financial services includes platforms such as the cost cloud, the financial accounting cloud, the management accounting cloud, the tax accounting cloud, treasury cloud, budget cloud, merger cloud and financial analysis cloud, as well as nine sub-applications within the shared cloud. It also naturally integrates the key functions of enterprise digital transformation, such as workflow, icon and electronic records platform that supports flexible dynamic configuration of processes as well as multi-system process integration under rigid specifications that follow the process core. It also supports the high performance and reliable flow of enterprise business
  • Advantages
    Enhanced Technology
    An independent and high controllability SaaS platform with low code development
    High Performance
    Verified by large enterprise
    Excellent Architecture
    More than 200 standard applications + More than 500 enterprise app ecosystems
    New Concept
    Platform built with EBC best practice
    Customer Success Stories