Business Challenges
Low Level of Tax Management
Currently, the most common issues in company tax management departments are weak awareness of tax risks, flawed tax management systems, a lack of tax management information methods, smaller numbers of dedicated staff and low quality output.
Financial Centre
The foundation of the financial centre is a process that goes from 0 to 1, and the subsequent operation and management of said centre is a process that goes from 1 to 100. Creation of a suitable shared company hub and continuously optimising business development is a hurdle faced by a large number of companies.
Financial Accounting Issues
Trans-regional, trans-industry operations and a large number of branches render a group's financial policies unable to be implemented. Sub-units have unique industries, scattered operations and accounting capabilities. Reporting unified and accurate financial information to the group management is a difficult task.
Financial Write-off Issues
Traditional refund models are dependent on paper-based documents and numerous manual reviews. Systems and standardisations cannot be embedded, budget limits cannot be updated in real time. Each link is in charge of its own information processes in isolation, and most systems perform inconsistently and are commonly plagued by long waiting times, frequent loss of data and page recovery. This frequently makes issuing refunds an inefficient, costly business.
Kingdee Cloud Constellation Finance Cloud Service
Covers nine cloud sub-applications: expense cloud, financial accounting cloud, management accounting cloud, tax accounting cloud, capital cloud, budget cloud, consolidation cloud, financial analysis cloud and shared cloud, naturally integrating workflows, images and electronic files, and other key functions for the digital transformation of enterprises. It uses IoT, big data and other up and coming technologies to implement physical asset management and stock taking, and image recognition to collect and verify data, while accountants must professionally define data standards, data calibres and data models.
Smart Tax Cloud
It achieves global tax determination, automated tax rule matching, tax rate and base calculation, tax incentive identification, and one-click tax declaration and other innovative services, combined with the risks and declaration control rules to promote "Golden Tax System Phase III" and integration of tax process sharing, management and monitoring.
Smart Sharing Cloud
A public service platform for business empowerment and big data sharing. The platform employs cloud computing to obtain business and financial information, along with business and data models to convey information and store information in compliance with regulations and uses artificial intelligence to share and process information which helps groups control operations and financial risks, improving their operational capabilities and profitability.
Smart Accounting Cloud
It realises a large concentration of financial data, and queries and analyses financial data for each member unit on time, unifies the financial accounting system, ensures the standardisation and unification of the group members accounting, effectively coordinating with the group in terms of financial business processes, monitoring process implementation in real time, and effectively managing the financial indicators to standardise and unify each unit’s responsibility system.
Collective Expense Cloud
Based on popular business language, create business scenarios, clear refund rules that lead to easy source management, electronic approval, transparent progress, retroactive refund progress in real time. Search and help are readily available. The entire process of expense reimbursement is controlled, implementing one-click reimbursement, smart management, control and accounting, and the reimbursement ecology forms a complete closed data loop.
Product Advantages
It integrates industry, finance and taxation, reduces costs and increases efficiency
Intelligent automation based on an AI engine algorithm for finance and taxation, and the intelligent tax calculation of all types of taxes. It satisfies the requirements for group-style control and automated operations that are up to the daily work of tax declaration, realises the integration of business, finance, and taxation, reducing the cost of the operations and management of enterprises, promoting accuracy and efficiency of tax work.
Meets enterprise groups’ diverse financial needs
Achieves a "multi-system", "multi-model", "multi-parallel process" shared task process, and supports hub quality management, spot-check inspection management, service level management and other shared financial operations management. New AI applications include: speech recognition, OCR, smart document review and smart accounting, which make for more efficient and more accurate business operations
Achieves higher concentration of financial data groups
The Kingdee Cloud Constellation smart financial accounting system can achieve a large concentration of financial data, and timely query and analyse financial data for each member unit. It unifies the financial accounting system, ensuring the standardisation and unification of the group members accounting. It effectively coordinates financial business processes in the group and monitors process implementation in real time, tracking key business in real time and effectively managing financial affairs.
Based on leading primary cloud infrastructure
Kingdee Cloud Constellation is based on leading primary cloud infrastructure, with the three core capabilities of containers, micro-services and DevOps. It can be deployed, updated or upgraded according to domain or applications, and is elastically scalable, supporting big data processing. Remote online deployment has a short implementation cycle, simple operation and maintenance, and fast update iterations. Finance Cloud is based on the Kingdee Cloud Constellation PaaS platform.