Business Challenges
Upgrading Business Management
If a business wishes to be ahead of the times, it has to embrace the process of digitalization, upgrade their self-management and management style via up and coming technologies such as mobile networks, big data, cloud computing, IoT, etc.
Offline to Online Business Services
Store operations focus on passively acquiring customers, while online retail seriously outshines offline retail. The rise of the O2O model due to the pandemic, along with other changes have forced store operations to transform from traditional business to modern retailing methods
Channel Management Issues
Business channels cannot be managed extensively throughout, channel management methods are outdated, and brand owners cannot empower downstream channel vendors
Constellation Omni-channel Service Cloud
The aim is to close the gap between enterprise sales and channel distributors and consumers while achieving enterprise 2B/2C global marketing information management. We seek to help companies integrate online and offline business methods, while improving customer acquisition and retention, and promoting corporate management.
Marketing Expenses Management
We help clients solve budget control, cost execution process control, financial result accounting and data analysis issues while creating standard processes for cost budgeting, application, implementation and refunding, achieve marketing cost implementation and analysis and aid companies in managing processes, making decisions and marketing expense control.
Sales Promotion Management
In order to increase product sales, companies should promote products during specific time periods, such as public holidays. Sales promotion management entails both promotion preparation and analysis.
Distributor Portal
The Seller Portal is a hub for order processing provided by channel cloud products aimed at distributors. It receives orders and effectively aids cooperation between upstream and downstream operations. Its main functions include product demand, funds, marketing and inventory management, etc.
B2B E-commerce Centre
The B2B e-commerce centre receives orders and provides management of products, channels, inventory, etc. This model implements the inter-communication between sales order information, the collaboration and control of sales operations, and the sharing of business data, mainly including product price management, channel management, order management, inventory management, etc.
Supports multi-touch point order access by users, quick mobile and PC order placement, automatically matching of promotion policies, smart restocking and other features, providing users with the most convenient automated experience possible
Mobile, Social
Provides companies with a B2B e-commerce model which supports social marketing. Relevant services such as communication, exchange, sharing, consultation and after-sales service can be carried out between companies and distributors, promoting collaboration efficiency.
Information Discrepancy Resolution
Provides enterprises and distributors with a communication and service platform, obtains channel-wide inventory level and distribution information and product sales in real time, understands the company marketing strategy and product prices in real time, and understands financial information such as credit and pre-order payment information