How can Hong Kong's enterprises effectively carry out cross-border management of the Greater Bay Area (GBA) business?
As a key international financial, trading and shipping center, Hong Kong has listed financial services, tourism, trading and logistics, and producer and professional services as the Four Pillar Industries. It has cultivated a large number of talents in such industries as finance, law, accounting, construction and surveying, and logistics and transport in all fields. Plentiful professional services and international talents have concentrated in Hong Kong, which makes the city an ideal platform for international enterprises that want to enter the Asian market, especially the mainland Chinese market.

With the development of production bases in GBA, many enterprises have set their direction centers in Hong Kong offices, where tasks such as marketing, management of customer relations and contracts, supply procurement, and production process control are conducted. Besides, these centers directly provide financial and human resource support to their GBA subsidiaries. In recent years, a number of enterprises have placed their product lines in Southeast Asia countries, e.g. Vietnam, Malaysia and Cambodia. Their business management procedures are distributed in no less than two regions or countries, therefore, cloud management has become the key to effective supervision and seamless operation.

Why should you choose Kingdee to cope with your GBA business?

Integrated management of emoluments in two places
Integrated management of emoluments in two places
Personnel emolument management will greatly shorten the emolument accounting and payment cycle in enterprises. Meanwhile, emolument analysis reports can be generated at a faster rate, increasing the transparency of payroll, social security benefit and personal income tax calculations. Moreover, the system design complies better with Hong Kong's IRD and MPF regulations together with mainland China's regulations such as five social insurances and one housing fund, personal tax payment, and allowance or bonus distribution. Results are exported in related formats, seamlessly connecting with corresponding institutions.
Mobilized human resource management model
Mobilized human resource management model
Practices, such as personnel affairs, attendance checking, personnel recruitment, performance appraisal, preinduction, certification issuance, and contract renewal, are all accomplished via mobile applications.

Self-service realizes full participation in HR business, especially for employees and human resource managers who frequently commute between two places. The Human Resources Department can therefore provide more effective and strategic services so as to save time and enhance efficiency.
Tax administration in two places
Tax administration in two places
Kingdee Invoice Cloud is connected to the third phase of Golden Tax Project in all aspects, covering the whole industry and all categories of invoices and taxes. It provides enterprises with one-stop invoice life-cycle management services from billing and receiving to electronic file archiving. Kingdee helps enterprises to quickly grasp the future, achieving paperless invoices and smart fiscal and taxation management in the digital age.

Apart from value-added tax (VAT) invoices, Kingdee also implements automatic tax calculation, tax declaration, risk management and early-warning tax management for various taxes, such as land appreciation tax, consumption tax, stamp tax, vessel and vehicle tax, environmental protection tax, and corporate income tax. With these functions, taxation in two places can be simply and rapidly managed and integrated.
Group finance & integration of consolidated statements in two places
Group finance & integration of consolidated statements in two places
Kingdee gives support to enterprises that will enter the GBA, enabling them to adapt to accounting policies in multi-regions. Through multiple accounting books, we create financial sharing services, which can be integrated into corporate business systems. We contribute to financial transformation, realizing the servitization and automation of accounting affairs as well as the financial management and control in multiple countries and regions with the same platform.

Kingdee supports designs of flexible consolidated organization structure, task-oriented affair consolidation, automatic integration of consolidated data, automatic generation of consolidation offset adjustment and foreign currency conversion, one-click node consolidation, clear tracking of audit trail procedures, and multi-dimensional data analysis. The aims are to achieve cross-departmental, cross-organizational collaboration and communication, and to provide faster and more accurate group financial consolidated statements.
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