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The essence of the industrial Internet lies not in the Internet, but in
Traditional industries
The essence of traditional industries lies not within enterprises, but in
Industrial value chain
The essence of the industrial value chain lies not in possession, but in
The essence of connection lies not in human-to-human connections, but in
Heart-to-heart connections
Kingdee management insights
Unmanned stores, smart cars, facial recognition payments... Disruptions stemming from the unknown are happening all the time. Enterprise management no longer emphasises 'resources' or 'planning', and instead focuses on enterprise business capability (EBC). With ERP soon to become a thing of the past, whoever adopts EBC will own the future.
The path to EBC digital transformation – digital technologies
·Robot K, the smart business assistant, and the Kingdee Finance RPA Robot
Block Chain
·Financial chain for distributed financial accounting and blockchain invoices
Kingdee and China Unicom
·Jointly established Yundee
Cloud Computing
·Kingdee cloud native SaaS+PaaS platform
Internet of Thing
·Kingdee edge computing data box
Big Data
·Kingdee enterprise cloud drive technology
Kingdee provides comprehensive management services for enterprises
Enables fast-paced changes to innovation

A major question in the current era that medium and large-sized market entities should consider is how information platforms can break from the medium and long-term construction cycles of the ERP era and change in real time in line with the fast pace of business iterations; and to even transform from an IT-supported business to an IT-driven business using mature digital technologies and methodologies, thereby enabling a revolutionary digital business transformation.

Wens: The world's second largest hog producer
PetroChina: One of the world's largest oil companies
Interconnected ecologies, smart collaboration

The Internet has completely blurred the line between employees and partners, suppliers and clients, as well as producers and consumers. Disruptive cross-industry innovations and ever-expanding social supply chain systems have spurred interaction and collaboration between enterprises and the resources of the whole society. Customer satisfaction has now been upgraded to affection. A new trend in the development of digital business models is smart collaboration, to horizontally build a mutually beneficial ecosystem, and vertically build a new form of business that seamlessly connects physical and virtual entities.

Haier: A platform for 200,000 small maker teams
Vanke: Complimenting life with architecture
Empowering individuals and activating organisations

The purpose of an organisation is to go from order to chaos, from regulated to open; the essence of empowered innovation is to awaken the unlimited potential of individuals. The key to coping with uncertainty lies in the employees' ability to innovate continuously. Former concepts of 'management' are no longer applicable with the rise of individualism in the younger generation. Passionate and innovative employees need a platform and opportunities. Enterprises can take advantage of data empowerment to better understand the customer and the market, and create unlimited potential.

FiberHome: The leader in the optical communications industry
Moutai: The forerunner of Moutai-flavour liquor and a household stock name
Improves core competencies through digital transformation

Whereas in the past, it took a group of people to form a market, now it takes a single person. To meet market demand for personalisation, small batches with multiple varieties have become the standard production mode. And for large manufacturing enterprises, opting for platforms and ecosystems is the only way to maximise profitability. Enterprises need to consider how to use digital methods in the front-end and middle platforms, in conjunction with the back-end smart manufacturing platform, to maximise profitability in the era of supply-side reform, while balancing personalised demands and batch production.

CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive: The face of the Belt and Road Initiative
Tellhow: Tellhow in China, Tellhow for the world
Reach consumers with precision, meet the demand for personalisation and offer an upgraded experience

The ease of connection in the digital era has brought about more diverse and fragmented consumption scenarios, and accentuated the value of traffic. Traditional retailers, stores and e-commerce enterprises have increasingly struggled to generate traffic, with rising costs and falling profits. Capitalising on current opportunities and utilising digital technology, builds an all-channel retail system centred on individual consumers and reshapes core competencies in the new economic era.

Huawei: A Chinese brand that surpassed Apple
Ouyue: OPPO's primary distributor in Shandong
Control supply chain quality with precision

In the past, the supply chain had a linear, chain-shaped structure. In the Internet era, every enterprise is a node in the grid, and enterprise performance depends more on collaboration and empowerment. The digital supply chain features digital online algorithms and computing capacities, providing timely, accurate, low-cost supply chain advantages for the customers.

Toly Bread: The lowest gross profit and the highest net profit
Yangyuan (Six Walnuts): A legend that went from zero to ten billion