Our Customers

Since the kick-off of the project, EAS system project and maintenance teams provide professional services, settle problems in a timely manner, show patient and responsibility. Our company shows unanimous recognition and affirmation for the strong support of Kingdee’s support.

CMB International Capital Corporation Limited

The project started since 2016, we thank for the professional performance and dedicated attitude of Kingdee’s project manager, especially thanks for your great support.

Millennium Pacific Information Technology Limited
Royce Wan (General Manager)

The professional implementation skill and responsible attitude of Kingdee consultants ensure that the system can be launched within a month. I would like to sincerely thank for Kingdee’s support.

ScentAir Fragrance Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Since the project stared in July 2006, Kingdee’s project manager provides implementation and long-term maintenance service, our company shows unanimous recognition and affirmation for the ten years as a day of his professional performance and good attitude, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the great support of Kingdee.

Braiform Trading (Shanghai) Limited

Since the kick off of the project from 2016, the professional performance of the Kingdee project consultants has obtained our consistent recognition.

Hyvision Technology L.L.C

Kingdee project implementation consultants worked for the system implementation and maintenance to ensure the daily operation of the system, obtaining our company leaders and colleagues praise.

Engelhart CTP (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

The project launched in August 2016, we show unanimous affirmation and gratitude for the Kingdee’s support and good attitude of those Kingdee project implementation consultants.


Review the implementation of the entire project, we show unanimous affirmation and affirm the dedication of the project team. Besides, your patience to solve our company’s questions, improving our overall efficiency.


Our company find a few tough questions in using Kingdee’s system, fortunately, Kingdee’s project manager work overtime for several days in handling those issues, so that our financial department can workout the monthly statements and submit reports on time. Thank you!

Noble Agri Trading (Shanghai) Company Limited

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