Incorporating an “internet +” dimension into real estate companies

Connecting users, partners and employees

Two types of connections, internal and external, exist in real estate development enterprises. The former primarily refers to internal collaboration and communication between staff members, and the latter mainly involves identifying and prospecting new customers and facilitating collaboration between upstream and downstream players across the supply chain.

Smart operation control and centralised planning

Fast acquisition of operational data covers the entire project lifecycle, from financing, development and construction all the way through to sales and services. The status of project operations can be closely monitored, and management decisions can be made in a scientific manner based on operational data.

A fully integrated project operation system makes efficient centralised management possible

Seamlessly integrated management of various business processes, ranging from project progress monitoring, cost management and creation of a reliable and transparent supplier information platforms to performance analysis covering the entire project lifecycle.

Value planning and control

Value management is conducted throughout the project lifecycle which incorporate important concepts such as project total value, target total value and dynamic total value. Sales plans, supply and timescales and capital return timescales can be drawn up with the benefit of an overview of the business, thus enabling a balanced value management mechanism and achievement of sales objectives.

O2O marketing

Kingdee helps real estate companies redefine and innovate their marketing models, seize online customer portals and set up more effective user-oriented marketing and service systems.

Customer value management

Create mobile workflow-based service systems to improve customer satisfaction; build connections with customers, analyse their needs, and set up a customer-oriented value ecosystem and new business models.

Client success stories

SUNAC (Tianjin):A great success story of integrated applications

An integrated project management information platform provides critical support for SUNAC’s rapid business expansion in China. It features a project planning and operation system where projects are managed on different levels, thus achieving integrated and automated management over the stages of planning, costs, contract, funding and financial control. Interconnection of multi-line business information makes decisions at key business points more well-founded. Different platforms, data and businesses are fully integrated based on joint control logic which connects with other business management information systems. The company logged CNY 111.84 billion in sales revenues in the first half of 2017, up 89% year-on-year, ranking it among the largest real estate developers with operating income above CNY 100 billion.

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