Real Estate Solution

To standardize the core business of the project based on cost, capital management and monitoring as the main content, the establishment of multi-project real estate business operations, business one of the group project management platform to help enterprises to establish and implement strategic objectives of the implementation and monitoring, control Real estate business operation risk.

Gateway for suppliers and coordination of the industry

This is the solution for the lack of planning, excessive discretion, poor quality of tender, the missing of target cost, inflated or …

Unified project running system for high efficiency logistics management

Unified management of all business process from project progress, cost control to a supplier platform with real transparency  …

Break the boundary to closely link the housing enterprises and the customers

Connect to the online customers for higher sale rate: property buyers can easily access to project information for high quality service.

Role Playing Solution for property sale

Communicate with the customers at the selling office, the site, and commercial events to avoid missing information that hampers …

VAT reform

VAT reform was implemented with the purpose of reducing the tax burden in service and relevant industries …

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