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Business Indicators

Provide professional opinions for the subsidiaries through the evaluation and analysis of relevant business indicators;Keep abreast of the status of capital flow though the analysis of relevant business indicators such as payment receipt, cash, profit, revenue, and related key financial information and understand the ranking of the business units. Quickly sort out the organizations with problems from the unusual performance of relevant financial indicators and give instruction to related personnel for taking appropriate measures.

Cash Flow

Keep abreast of the status of capital flows of the group and the subsidiaries;Keep abreast of the capital inflow, capital outflow, net cash flow, trend of the change in cash flow and contribution in current period.Exercise timely control of the use of capital of the enterprise and the fund in the group for appropriation. The information is essential for the CEO/CFO/controller for decision-making.

Budget inquiry

Keep abreast of spending with a key budget that explains the appropriate strategic decision-making of the administrator. This information also helps to explain the enhanced efficiency of the administrator in decision-making and the capacity in corporate management. The spending at each level of the corporate hierarchy can be tracked irrespective of the constraints of time and place. High efficiency management can be accomplished.

Mobile financial statement

Investors, creditors, corporate management, and corporate financial administrators can conveniently access four major financial statements in real-time. With the information on hand, profitability, ability to pay debts and the utility of the enterprise can be evaluated quickly for timely decision-making.

Mobile Office

Mobile work flow

The mobile work flow allows for the reminder of process approval at any time and any place. The top management or corporate administrators can maximize the value of time by access to the speed flow of information on operation that contributes to efficient decision-making.


The status of the approval for reimbursement and payment can be tracked, and the source documents for requesting for reimbursement can be tidied up at any time and in any place with photograph uploads. Inquiry on the progress of approval and related personnel in the process can be searched with the time axis, and the result of the request and payment status can also be checked.

My Business Trips

The system supports the application for business traveling (with the new document for advance request). The system will generate related document for reimbursement of traveling expenses from the application for business traveling. Inquiries on the progress of approval and related personnel in the process can be searched with the time axis, and the result of the request and payment status can also be checked.

My Process

The that person that proposes a process can view the status of the process, the information on related documents, approval record and other information at any time. Moreover, they can track the end of the process after approval with the status of the documents after processing for timely communication.

Dispatch of personnel

With the positioning function of the mobile phone, the system can locate the personnel dispatched for external duties for properly deployment. This function allows for the integration of work plan with the log of the routine operation of the personnel engaging in external duties to satisfy the needs of the enterprises in the management of dispatched personnel.

Mobile approval

The user can unify the decision simultaneously with different business units on the basis of authority on specific purchase process, sale process, account payable process, and expense process for prompt approval and the approval route.


Mobile sale

The function of mobile sales allows the sale personnel for full-range search of customer profile, order status, inventory information, price information, credit standing of customer, and payment status so that they could understand the status of the customer orders.

Mobile orders

Provides full-range mobile tracking of orders and discover problem as emerged for quick and effective solution. This function also supports the analysis of sale by product or customer, trend of the transaction amount, trend of accumulated sales in statement form for rapid and direct understanding of the sale status.

Mobile customers

This function allows the sale personnel to view the information on communication with the customers, the history of customer orders, account receivable, geographic locations of the customers, the financial position of the customers, and the records on the visits of the customers. This helps to manage business relations properly for efficient decision-making.

Mobile inventory

This function allows the sale personnel to keep abreast of the update status of inventory so that they could successfully secure every business opportunity for more purchase orders. They can also check the inventory balance, locations of the inventory sites, information on warehouse staff, the “my concerns” section, and other historical data timely.

WeChat Mall

Support the marketing and mobile ordering with WeChat service account numbers. The manufacturers can release new products via WeChat to realize the management of pricing in different brackets. The distributors at the lower stream or the terminal consumers can check the inventory status, choose the items for ordering, and track the unit price in real-time. This function helps the firms to launch their products quickly and condense the cycle for inventory supply, and respond to the needs of the customers quickly.

WeChat CRM

This is the platform customized for the small enterprises for coordination of sales through the mobile Internet so as to help these enterprises to develop their sales channels quickly, to track every business opportunity and orders, upgrade customer service quality and fill in customer orders.

Mobile supply chain inquiry

This function allows for the real-time search on inventory status and price of products for the effective tracking of the sale procedure and timely detection of problems for quick solution. This function also helps the enterprises to establish a quick response mechanism and as the new means for the protection of profit.

Mobile CRM

This provides information on the new sale leads or job arrangement of the sale personnel with mobile phone so that they could make quick business repsonses. Customer information, business opportunities, and sale information can also be supported with the use of mobile phone for enterprises to keep track of sales timely.


Mobile statements

Mobile statements are the platform for a new generation of visual displays of statements. The proposer of statement does not require authorization code to quickly design different charts and tables and statement with mobile device. Statement can be developed in mobile form very quickly. The terminal users can track the progress of the operation with the mobile device at any time in any place and get early warning signals on the operation and key indicators.

Group News

This function allows for the access to company news, notice, and announcement at any time for understanding the dynamics of the company and the change in different policies and organizational structure. The news list supports the display of characters and pictures through data pushes.

Mobile work platform

Through the connection of WeChat and ERP server, it supports the mobile application of more than 20 mobile devices, including the inquiry of orders, financial approval, product search, and inventory management so that the corporate personnel can handle business at any time in any place.

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