Electronic Manufacturing

China is the world’s third largest manufacturer of electronic products, and the electronics industry is a pillar of the Chinese national economy. However, with an increasingly volatile market environment, electronics companies must possess rapid response capabilities in order to survive. Electronics companies must be able to rapidly identify customer needs, respond to market demands, incorporate strong supply chain security measures, control costs and provide excellent customer service, in order to keep up with the changing market dynamics.

The Kingdee K/3 solution for electronic components industry enables rapid deployment of BOM based products through a centralized management methodology. A robust engineering change management system ensures that companies can manage and track frequent BOM changes that are part and parcel of the electronics industry.
Kingdee K/3 supports discrete, repetitive and sub-contract production methodologies based on different strategies, such as Made to Order, Made to Stock, Assemble to Order and Design to Order. It also optimizes and standardizes business processes, improves overall operational efficiency, enhances profitability and builds core competitiveness by helping businesses establish an integrated financial services management platform.

Complete Product Life-Cycle Management -PDM / PLM

Electronic components industry is a technology industry. The technological prowess of an enterprise determines its …

Diversified character configuration

The type and model of electronic products are numerous and the procurement and assembly is complex. Independent …

Integral product estimation and planning management

The materials used by electronics enterprises have numerous types, large quantity and greatly …

Effective material kitting management

Most electronic products are always assembled with various electronic components and other parts of different…

Whole-process quality management and control

Since the production of electronic products is of high standard and the equipment is also highly professional…

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