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The New Age of HRM Systems

Given the current socio-economic climate, the informatization of human resources management is inevitably a growing trend.

Kingdee’s HRM System in Hong Kong is derived from several years of practical experience, which can help enterprises realize the informatization of HRM effectively.

Kingdee HR Management is an international HR System solution.

In addition to its core human resources software for Hong Kong enterprises, such as Organization Chart, Employee Management, Attendance Management and Payroll System, this HRM system also includes custom-built solutions to suit the needs of specific countries and regions worldwide.

These include the Hong Kong’s MPF, the 713 Employment (Amendment) Ordinance 2007, Taiwan social welfare and Singapore’s CPF.

Key Benefits:

  • Supports multiple languages, international standards and local government policies for human resources systems in Hong Kong and across the globe.
  • Adheres to the theory and practice of advanced strategic Human Resource Management.
  • Facilitates flexible HRIS in Hong Kong for organisation planning and management, including headcount planning and control.
  • Enables greater HCM in Hong Kong with group control, as well as independent policies for various sized companies.
  • Includes effective human resources software for Hong Kong enterprises, including a strong data dictionary tool, providing greater flexibility in defining employee profiles.
  • Greater labour cost control for cross-border manufacturing companies.
  • Complete support for piece-rate, daily wages and commission calculation.
  • This HRM system is well integrated with the Kingdee Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.
  • Incorporates smart attendance and shift schedule in calendar with flexible OT, travel and leave management.
  • Total recruitment process management as part of this advanced HRIS in Hong Kong.
  • Aids training cycle management for employee career development.
  • Provides a strong organization performance management solution.
  • Effectual HR system with over 100 pre-built HR reports, and inbuilt with a high-performance OLAP reporting engine.
  • More than a dozen pre-built HR analysis models through Kingdee’s HR Business Intelligence platform.

Client reference: Jebsen Group  
Jebsen interview – Capital Entrepreneur (No, 155, Oct 2017)                

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