The Kingdee eCommerce Solution helps the enterprises to make the best use of the Internet as the business channels. Examples are the principal eCommerce platforms like Taobao, T-mall, JD.com, and WeChat, and other cyber shops. This solution connects the customers, distributors, and consumers. With the diversity of integrated tools, the solution can help to link all eCommerce platform and the ERP systems of the enterprises online for the realization of order processing, logistics, capital flow, and data flow.

The Kingdee ERP Retailing Solution keeps you closer to the customers

The solution connects the consumers, distributors, and support marketing models for all channels…

The Kingdee Procurement Solution

The solution supports automatic purchasing, bidding, and coordinated purchase over the Internet.


Built for connecting the B2C E-commerce center with third-party manufacturer stores on E-commerce platforms…

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