Financial Management Solution

Intermingling of finance and business

The financial management system avails the CFO, accounting staff general ledgers and statements, smart accounting platform, receivable and payable management, cashier management, eBanking, and consolidated financial statement management function. This is closely associated with the business system to provide large volumes of data for account balancing and settlement as well as statement analysis that penetrated into all management processes of the enterprise and creates a brand new financial management model.

Attainment of corporate strategic objectives for the realization of the intermingling of finance and business

The smart accounting platform bridges the general ledger and business system, which helps to realize the independence of finance and business and also easily links the two together. This optimizes the flexibility of financial and businesses processing for the simultaneous account balancing and settlement as business transactions are realized.

Financial solution for internationalized business groups

The primary idea of this product is to apply it to the accounting standards that are effective in different countries and regions, currencies of different countries, the accounting calendars of more than 90% of the countries of the world, the journal books in different languages, the different methods of financial statement compilation and the account title systems of different countries.

Separation and convergence of financial reporting and internal evaluation

With the establishment of a variety of accounting system and inter-organization transactions, we can separate financial reporting and internal evaluation. In supporting the current account of the institution, we can also check the ledgers of the profit centers, and also assign profit centers across different institutions by product line, region, administrative organizations.

A model for centralized management of group enterprises

Enterprises can exercise centralized management of capital, ledgers, and assets through the sharing of basic data like account titles, the uniform samples of documents, internal account management, and inter-institutional asset management.

Adaptable to rapid change in the organizational transformation of enterprises

Enterprises can rapidly adjust the financial accounting system at the time or organizational changes through the establishment of flexible accounting systems to provide timely and accurate financial management information for the management personnel.

The ideal solution for the internal transfer of profits

For the independent account balancing and settlement and evaluation of the business units, we could not only provide flexible intra-organization transactions but also under a historical problem of financial accounting – inter-organizational offsetting.

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