Full-range capital management for flexible corporate performance

In the Internet era, capital management of group enterprises transformed from the conventional capital management of the enterprise to capital management of the industry chain, and capital settlement moved from being centralized to shared, with the majority of the change resting with the full-range liquidity management of cash pooling, financial instrument pooling, and capital budgeting. The traditional mode of direct investment and financing also moves towards the combination of industry and financial operation. Accordingly, cash flow and inventory control moved from the concentration of the source of capital to the cash flow volume from operations.

The Kingdee ERP capital management solution performs the functions of multilateral monitoring and control, fund appropriation by supply-demand in market, flexible financing management, full-range capital planning, and full-range security to provide group enterprises an excellent capital management solution for easy handling of financing by itself and along the industry chain.

Capital monitoring

This function allows for the centralized management of accounts, establishment of linkage platforms between banks and the enterprises, the coordination of financing arrangements, and the monitoring of fund appropriations by enterprises. This allows business groups that exercise lax control of capital or do not have strong demand for capital management (such as investment companies, joint ventures, and holding companies listed in exchange) can track the financial position of the group for efficient and effective decision-making and exercise effective control over its group enterprises.

Capital control

On the basis of capital monitoring, this function allows the capital-intensive and active big group enterprises and big business units with subsidiaries and branches in different industries and at different stages of developments the ability to exercise centralized capital management with flexibility and in different models through the establishment of an advanced fund settlement platforms (a number of platforms at different levels). Moreover, it allows a centralized financial instrument management system with the financial instruments pooling the services of a carrier, healthy capital cost pricing system, and a credit management system of the group. In addition, it also supports loosely organized, relatively centralized, absolute centralized, and hybrid group enterprises in capital management.

Application characteristics

Capital budgeting

A built-in group enterprise capital budgeting model on the basis of multi-dimensional and unified capital budgeting platform to provide quick support to these enterprises in preparation of the annual budget with monthly adjustments and weekly rolling of capital planning for cash flow management.

Financial instruments pooling

With the financial instrument pooling under the interaction of financial instruments custody, lien control, intra-group enterprise security deposit arrangement, and the gap management mechanism between payable and receivable of notes, group enterprises can establish a centralized management system of financial instruments.

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