Innovative budget management for strategic pursuit

At the time of mobile Internet, budget management of group enterprises transformed rapidly from the traditional mode of financial budgeting to operation budgeting whereby participation by all will be the foundation. As such, the content of budget also changed entirely. The mode of budget control moved toward mixed budget integrated with operation budgeting for control before and in the processing of spending. The management tools were also integrated into a unified information system. The budget management solution of Kingdee merged with the advanced business performance management mindset (BPM) and the multi-dimensional data warehouse structure supported by the powerful ERP integrated platform and multi-tasking organizational structure. This platform allows the group enterprises to build up multi-dimensional management model, budget compilation, monitoring and control of operation, real-time business analysis, supporting strategic decision to continued optimization of goal and full-range close-end budget management on the basis of the financial and operation management system of the ERP or from the assistance to vendor system in setting the group objective.

Multi-dimension budgeting

The built-in multi-dimension engine supports the dynamic compilation of the budget worksheet in selected forms that substantially minimizes the quantity of standardized worksheets. With this function, budgeting can be based on the data and updated at any time as well as improve the efficiency of budgeting and budget adjustment.

Unified budgeting

Budgeting has its sources from business planning while the execution of business is subject to budget control before, during, and after the execution of an operation. This helps to put different budget control strategies in place. The budget system and the consolidated financial statement system are unified for simultaneous budget preparation and settlement.

Budgeting model

Default business models such as expenditure budgeting and capital budgeting.

Occasions when used

Financial and benchmark budgeting

Integration of budget management and expenditure management, general ledgers, and consolidated financial statements for unified applications so that financial statements, financial benchmark budgets, and expenditure controls can be realized for a full-range of support of the budget management needs of business groups appealing to financial controls.

Strategic business budgeting

Integration of budget management, procurement, capital, expense, sales, assets, and inventory system and the treasury system for unified application to realize the budget execution analysis on the basis of the attainment of business objective and financial statements. This can satisfy the budget management needs of business groups appealing to strategic control.

Operation control budgeting

The in-depth integration of budget management and the business and financial system for unified application helps to realize the launch of business plans for the coordination of full-range business budgeting (sale, costing, project), and the control of business operation. This model helps the business groups appealing to operation control full-range and high efficiency a control system before and in the course of business operations.

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