Cloud-based multi-facet financial analysis

The Kingdee ERP management accounting product can fully satisfy the needs of the enterprises in the management of budgeting, account balancing and settlement, and statements based on profit center. The same business will be the source of financial accounting and management accounting and the accounts will be booked individually on relevant rules and presented accordingly. As such, the systems of financial accounting and management accounting are unified but also distinctive in character.

Profit Center Budgeting

Cost center is the foundation on which budgeting, control, analysis, and other transactions could break down to the cost center at the lowest level. Cost center budgeting will be converged to profit center which in turn consolidated at a profit center of higher level for budgeting. Examples are the budgeting of the company or business unit or the group. After the budgeting system is clearly defined, the budget management needs at different level of the corporate hierarchy and profit center featuring different forms of management can be satisfied.

Profit Center account balancing and settlement

Support two modes of application: could be applied independently or in association with financial accounting. In each profit center, there will be an initial balance, documents, ledgers, and statements. These make account balance and settlement flexible in diversity and can satisfy the needs of the enterprise in assessing the profit and loss status of each profit center and even the balance sheet.

Profit Center financial statement and consolidation

Profit centers can sort out the financial data from the general ledger system to generate its own financial statement. Statements of the profit center can also be submitted to the group for consolidation through the statement consolidation system. The consolidation of data on the profit center for analysis can be served as the reference for the administrator in evaluation for reward and punishment. This can satisfy the needs of the enterprises in detail-oriented management.

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