Financial sharing service upgrades management standard

The financial sharing service center allows the substantive accounting works from different regions merged in a center for bookkeeping and reporting. This guarantees that the accounting records and reports are uniform. In this way, it will not be necessary to establish an accounting function at each company and office to save the cost of system and manpower.

The Kingdee ERP financial sharing center is freed from the barrier of the financial organization, different types of business of the group could be handled under the professional division of labor at the same platform. Through task pooling management, role management, door and workflow management, and multi-organization operation platform, automated services for the customers, suppliers, employees, and partners could be accomplished. The integrated imaging system helps to scan the documents for storage for a perfect combination of information flow and material flows. This helps the group enterprises to upgrade the standards and efficiency of financial management and reduce the cost of operation so as to develop the core competence in competition.

The application mode and solution of the financial sharing service center

This is classified as the sharing of basic accounting control, expense/payable sharing, and multilateral sharing.

Accounting control sharing

Through the cross organization operation of the Kingdee ERP bookkeeping center, account balancing, and account settlement center, the tasks of different organizations can be processed in bulk automatically and in high efficiency. This mode of operation can satisfy the high efficiency demand of accounting control of the accounting staff under the financial sharing service center.

Expense/payable sharing

The expense/payable sharing mode aims at the core expense/payable process of the enterprise for sharing management. With the use of the Kingdee sharing service platform for random task assignment, corporate fraud could be prevented and control can be fortified. The use of the imaging technology for the efficient transmission of information can support high efficiency payment.

Multilateral sharing

This is aimed at the multilateral sharing of financial and business processes of the enterprise and provides a platform for sharing service, receivable, and payable sharing, payment sharing, expense sharing, balance and settlement sharing, statement sharing for full support of corporate activities. Other heterogeneous system of the enterprise can also be linked to the accounting and control system through the integrated platform or sharing the task platform to create a unified corporate information platform.

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