Financial Management Solution

Kingdee’s optimal accounting system in Hong Kong provides enterprises with the ideal merger of business and finance accounting software for greater value creation.

This Kingdee product comprises of the following custom-built accounting software:

  • Mobile terminals
  • Backend ERP strategic finance
  • Capital management
  • Management accounting
  • Basic financial accounting

Through our specially designed accounting software, Kingdee’s accounting system in Hong Kong extends to also provide a platform for financial service sharing.

Our Kingdee ERP financial sharing service center enables your enterprise to upgrade its overall management standard, through keeping various accounting records and reports uniform within an advanced integrated imaging system.

Premium Accounting Software For All Your Business Needs

This Kingdee product supports group enterprises from centralized accounting software control to financial sharing, financial accounting to a responsible accounting system in Hong Kong, mandatory mergers to management merger, financial to operation budgeting, concern of the efficiency of capital to liquidity management of capital and more. Revel in cloud-based multifaced financial analysis, which covers all of your business’ diverse monetary needs. This includes the convergence of cost center budgeting and profit centre budgeting, which embodies essential budgeting, account balancing and settlement software, and financial statement and consolidation. For your full utilisation, our profit center account balancing and settlement distinctly accommodates both independent applications and those in association with financial accounting.

A Unified Information Accounting System in Hong Kong

Benefit from an unrivalled, unified information accounting system in Hong Kong with innovative budget management. Kingdee’s highly expedient accounting software features a built-in budgeting engine, which allows for both unified and multi-dimensional budgeting; financial and benchmark, strategic and operation control. Through our Kingdee ERP solution and distinct accounting system Hong Kong, we assure your enterprise smart operation, expediency and great value for money. With unmatched accounting software including high tech accounting control, real-time business decision-making and much more, your enterprise is sure to gain from unique value creation.

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