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Kingdee Cloud-Hub has held the largest share of the social networking-style mobile office software market for large- and medium-sized enterprises for three consecutive years, according to IDC data

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Business collaboration is the primary goal of large- and medium-sized enterprises in achieving mobile innovation

Given the rapidly changing market environment, enterprises have an urgent need to upgrade and innovate their existing IT assets. 98.3% of these enterprises are upgrading their existing IT systems

68.6% of large- and medium-sized enterprises view mobilisation as the main way to innovate existing IT assets. With its lean, flexible, and real-time online features, mobilisation has quickly become favoured by enterprises as a method for promoting innovation that is closer to customer demand scenarios.* Data source: T data

Cloud-Hub, your mobile office expert

Business insights empowered by data

Report Xiuxiu
Enabling both employees and managers to view business data
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Report Xiuxiu
Enabling data to drive employee innovation
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Report Xiuxiu
Allows Robot Xiaoyun to automatically generate reports
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Connect with ERP
Let ERP become fully mobilised
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Connect with the ecosystem
Empowers enterprises’ new ecosystem, rebuilds enterprises’ chain of trust
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Connects employees through smart offices

Smart office assistant – Robot Xiaoyun
Understands you better than you understand yourself, helps you become more motivated at work, and strengthens your abilities
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Time management assistant
Self-management and efficient collaboration to motivate both superiors and subordinates
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Time management assistant
Efficient time management
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Time management assistant
Track tasks to close the loop on action items
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Time management assistant
Intelligent time analysis
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Smart attendance check
Helps manage attendance checks for all departments Clear display of work inputs
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Smart approvals
Fully replaces traditional OA
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Cross-enterprise approvals
Connects with upstream and downstream ecosystems in a safe and trusted environment
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Cultural empowerment to animate organisations

Customised workbench
Only things receiving attention are important
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傾聽員工 真實聲音
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Why choose Kingdee Cloud-Hub?

According to IDC data, Cloud-Hub has held the largest share of the social networking-style mobile office software market for large- and medium-sized enterprises for three consecutive years

25 years of deep insight into Chinese corporate management

Advanced platform design philosophy, empowering individuals and animating organisations

Comprehensive coverage of business scenarios

Uses innovative technologies to provide specialised, mobile services for large- and medium-sized companies

Fully integrated with corporate ERP

As a leading ERP system provider in China,  Kingdee Cloud-Hub can provide effective ERP integration services for enterprises

Quick-response service system

Provides customised marketing and operational services for companies while adhering to the business philosophy of “helping customers succeed”

Cloud-Hub has helped 3.5 million companies enter
the era of smart collaboration offices


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