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With the fast growth of economic globalization, many SMEs are facing global challenges. They urgently need a system which is simple and easy to use, professional and effective, in order to satisfy their business needs of multiple languages, multiple currencies, multiple accounting standards and tax rules in overseas trading.

The Kingdee KIS international product series include international finance and business management, which are specially designed for SMEs in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Kingdee KIS Accounting helps accountants to improve from simple accounting to comprehensive financial and operation management. It operates on business drives finance management concept helps handle high liquidity assets, process tax in transactions, and provides comprehensive accounting process and reports.

Kingdee KIS Business helps SMEs easily manage their business and allocate more resources for exploring more business opportunities. It provides one-stop solution integrating accounting, purchase, sales and inventory, and provides full workflow management of business. It helps enterprises to manage their business from quotation, order to receipt and payment.

Accounting and Taxation

Convenient foreign currency accounting and tax processing of different countries totally supports global business, professional and effective.

1.Transactions can auto-generate accounting entries, and record in general ledger
2.Provides project accounting and revenue analysis.
3.Able to process multi-currency accounting, and supports period-end revaluation.
4.Preset 60 charts of accounts for different industries.
5.Able to print and export vouchers.
6.Able to settle foreign currency bills and auto-calculate exchange.
7.Able to set and import bank statement to auto-reconcile.
8.Supports yearly or monthly closing, and auto generate entries for accounts closing.
9.Provides various financial statements, i.e. General Ledger, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement.
10.Provides audit trail.

Inventory and Cost Calculation

Flexible and convenient inventory management meets the diversified business needs of small enterprises, easy to learn and use:

1.Supports multi-warehouse management, and able to process stock transfer between different warehouse.
2.Auto-calculation for inventory cost and inventory update in an instance once transaction is saved.
3.Able to process inventory count and auto-adjust inventory.
4.Supports negative stock processing, and able to adjust inventory value.
5.Supports multiple units of measurement and auto-conversion.
6.Allow multiple price level setting for inventory items.
7.Stock shortage alert is available.
8.Any cost changes in transaction level, system able to recalculate cost of sales.
9.Comprehensive and real-time report query for inventory are available.

Sales and Purchase

Sales and purchase workflow are interrelated, one-stop process of inventory and accounting, fast and easy handling of business.

1.Allow setting of price level and credit limits for individual customer.
2.Allow creating of quotations, orders, receipts and delivery, invoices and bills and transactions are traceable.
3.Transaction forms are allowed to be many-to-many associated, i.e. multiple Delivery Orders to multiple Invoices, multiple Sales Invoice to multiple Sales Receipts, etc.
4.Supports multi-currency transactions and auto-calculation of exchange difference when setting A/R, A/P.
5.Template forms allow customizing, printing and exporting.
6.Able to process prepayment, advance received and Cash on Delivery.
7.Compliance to local tax rules such as Mainland China VAT, Import Duty and Singapore GST.
8.Aging reports are available for A/R and A/P, and able to reconcile Statement of Account (SOA) with customer and supplier.
9.Analysis functions are available for purchase and sales data which provides reports traceability.
10.User accounts able to manage certain own access rights that allows to control own template forms to be editable by others.

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