Kingdee International Software Group was founded in 1993, and is listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 0268).

With the use of cutting-edge technologies, Kingdee takes management information products and services as its core competence and has provided cloud management products and services for more than 4 million enterprises and government organizations. The Company is the pioneer in the software market of China. Today, Kingdee has more than 2000 business partners in joint venture development. According to IDC, Kingdee has been the champion of the SME market of China by market share for 11 consecutive years. More than half of the Top 100 enterprises ranked by Finance of China prefer Kingdee.

Conceived with the business philosophy of “Assist the Customers to become successful” and persistent in core value of “Excel only in the right means”, Kingdee never cease to thrive as a software empire. Now, Kingdee takes “Let data drive for success” as its mission and “a reliable big data service provider” as its vision, and attunes to the notion of “Customer first with compact, perfect and fast” products and services, and spares no effort to emerge as the leader of cloud management service. This is indeed the manifestation of the national dream of China in enterprises transformation and industrial upgrading.

Kingdee has 3 software industrial parks located at Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing in China, respectively. Of all its subsidiaries, there are the Kingdee Software (China) Company Limited, a specialist in enterprise management software and Internet Service; Shenzhen Kingdee Middleware Company Limited, a specialist in middleware business; Kingdee Medical Software Technology Company Limited, a specialist in the information system for the medical and healthcare sector; and Kingdee International Software Group Company (HK) Limited, an enterprise aiming at the Asia-Pacific and over overseas markets outside China.

New Century
of Financial Management

The predecessor of Kingdee
In July 1991, Mr. Robert Xu Shaochun-the founder of Kingdee group, established the “Shenzhen Aipu Computer Technology Co., Ltd,”. In November of the same year, Mr. Xu independently developed the V1.0 version of the Aipu Computer Accounting System and the Shenzhen Bureau of Finance approved it. The decision of the bureau paved the way for launching the technological development of the computerization of the accounting system in Shenzhen and made a change to the dependence of imported financial management software for the foreign-owned enterprises in the city. In 1993, Robert founded Kingdee. “Software is an exciting business and attracts so many gurus to the competition. This is a business that captures your mind, your body, and your soul”.


Kingdee software for everywhere
In 1994, Kingdee software became popular all over China. With the vigorous sentiment in founding the business and the courage to make “Kingdee software for everywhere”, the Company unveiled the V3.0 version of the financial software in the same year and successfully flexed its muscle in the industry. Professor Yang Jiwan, a renowned accounting expert and a member of the National Political Consultation Conference Standing Committee, applauded Kingdee with a pair of parallel phrases read as “There is no boundary in accounting but Kingdee gives the destiny”


strong>The forerunner of accounting work platform
In 1995, Kingdee unveiled the Kingdee financial software for Windows 1.0 version, which brought accounting platforms to a new frontier.


Released the 1st Windows-based financial software
In 1996, Kingdee successfully released the 1st Windows-based financial software, the Kingdee financial software V2.51 version for Windows. This software was confirmed by the China Software Assessment Center as the first outstanding Windows version financial software.

Restructuring of ERP Industry

Kingdee entered the ERP market with the injection of millions of venture capital
Kingdee was the first software firm in China that launched the 32-bit decision-support financial software in 1997. This move brought the decision-support financial software industry in market into a new era. In May 1998, Kingdee successfully attracted an investment of RMB 20 million from IDG as venture capital, which made it the first financial software firm in China absorbing venture capital. Kingdee emerged as a player in the ERP software market since then.


Unveiled a brand new mode of operation in ERP business
If the evolution of DOS to Windows is a great leap in the industry for the 1st time, the entrance from financial software to ERP could be seen as a great leap in the industry for the 2nd time. Kingdee successfully listed in the GEM of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2001 with stock code of 8133, which made it the first company of China listed on an overseas stock exchange and an independent software firm that landed in the international capital market. In 2003, Kingdee triggered a brand new operation model for the management software business in China under the notion of “Product comes first and partner foremost”. In the same year, the Kingdee K/3V10.0, the first of its kind in strategic corporate management solution with BPM as the core was unveiled in Beijing. With this software, growth enterprises in China can successfully advance to strategic management from fundamental management. In 2004, a new general of technology platform of the K/3 series, the Kingdee K/3 BOS, was cited as the “Number One Brand for User Satisfaction in the Software Market of China”.


Listed in the main board of HKEx allows for Full-Fledge Development in eCommerce
Kingdee emerged from a local high tech company in China to a company listed in the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 2005 with stock code of
In 2006, Kingdee pronounced the “ERP Particularization” program jointly with its partners. This move allows for the extension of ERP to every detail of the industry chain and created ERP product with unique feature. In 2007, the online bookkeeping series and business management platform of Kingdee, the “Youshang Net”, was officially launched to market. Since then, Kingdee has penetrated into the full range of the eCommerce service market.
In 2008, at the 15th anniversary of Kingdee, The Company pronounced its transformation from a product company to a service company on the same day as the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. The corporate image of a corporate management expert was then created and the Company has committed full effort in the development of the online management and eCommerce service platform since then.


Create the World-Class Management Think Tank
The Shenzhen Kingdee Software Park was officially unveiled in 2009. This was the second time that Kingdee took the move into a software park since the establishment of the Kingdee Software Park in Shanghai in 2007. The groundbreaking of the Software Park in Beijing was also launched in the same year.

2011 to Now
Leader in Cloud Management

Cloud Management drives innovation
In 2011, Kingdee hosted the “China Management, World Forum” event with more than 3000 participants. Topics on corporate transformation and upgrading were discussed.
In 2012, Kingdee made positive effort in the advocacy of cloud management with the demonstration of the power of the emerging technologies such as the community network, Internet, and cloud computing, and encouraged management innovation.


Kingdee is 20 years old while we are still young
In 2013, the Kingdee Software Park in Beijing opened to business. Kingdee spelled out loudly of its China dream in the era of cloud at its 20th anniversary.


Link to the cloud
In May 2014, Chairman Xu Shaochun played the radical youth of “May-Fourth” by crashing PC and led The Company to start a revolutionary mode of operation. Kingdee then released the cloud mobile work platform in the same month and advocated a new mode of operation. In August, Chairman Xu Shaochun cracked the server to make the conventional ERP mode of operation irrelevant. In October, the “2014 China Management, World Forum” was held in Beijing with “Connection to Cloud” as the theme. Elites from the government, corporate world, and academe gathered in the meeting focusing on the corporate transformation in China with the Internet.


Interactive Internet +
In 2015, Kingdee craved innovative development of the “Internet +” and entered strategic partnerships with King, Amazon, and JD. These companies explained the acceleration of the transformation of mobile Internet among the Chinese enterprises in concerted effort. In April, Kingdee founded the mobile Internet base in Changsha to speed up the deployment of the Internet+ with cloud service platform.

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