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Synchronize your mobile phone and computer, save permanently and check at any time and place. The easier mobile working mode frees you from difficult document searching.


One button to assign tasks to several people, simultaneous reminders of waiting tasks and task states; direct discussion on task collaboration make the team do the job more efficiently.


One button to finish all the approval of work-related procedures, such as business trip and reimbursement. Supporting multi-level approval that can be customized, process reminding by real-time message. That is how simple mobile approval can be!


A new way to send out notice to the whole company or team (company announcement, holiday notice, etc.) that can only be published by the admin. Employees or team members can receive and check the message.

Meeting notice

Free text message to inform partners of meetings. Reminding is sent 15 minutes before the meeting to make sure no one misses it.


Supports public email and enterprise email for receiving and sending emails. No need to maintain the recipient. Fast communication and collaboration can be realized via IM features.

Work report

Record your everyday work and share what you gain with your fellows.

Voice conference

High-quality free voice conference with super clarity. It can be initiated at any time and place and supports at least 100 participants talking at the same time.

Kingdee cloud disk

Making use of Kingdee distributed file system (KDFS), Kingdee cloud disk focuses on safe, efficient, stable and centralized file cloud storage and management service that is provided to enterprises and individual users as well.

Event manager

Easy and practical event assistant that can make invitation letters quickly and share it on Cloudhub/WeChat, online sign-up, applicant review, list output and ticket check via QR code scan. It makes organizing training, lecture and meeting very easy.


One button clock-in. A sound attendance report records an employee’s states such as hours in and out of the office, late arrival or early leaving, asking for leave. You can check the clock-in of your team on mobile phone at real time. A portable app for staff management.

Ask for a leave

A fast approval procedure for leave asking. It helps managers adjust employees’ daily work.

Wechat community

Wechat community is a mobile community on the platform of WeChat, which can help the enterprise public account manage followers in a better way.

Fast marketing

Fast marketing is for everyone in the new media era. It helps your company attract followers quickly and enhance conversion rate quickly in new media in order to approach potential customers in a faster and better way.


Acquire a large amount of clues through various channels, real-time follow-up to transform clients, effective extension of clues.


Master the information about the clients’ assets, seize the operation lifeline of the company. Input client information by one-button scanning in order to enhance work efficiency.

Client visit

Report on the visit outcome fast, easily get location information. Your client visit schedule can be known to your boss at any time and place.

Store visits

Record the store visit simultaneously, upload the pictures of the visit, share and comment on the visit outcome in time.

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