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Innovative management of ERP+ supports intelligence operation.

More advanced than conventional ERP, which includes basic financial, inventory, logistics, intelligent production, customer relationship and HR management, Kingdee ERP+ that is based on the operation mode and cross-region management procedure of the industry, designed an ERP+ solutions for specific industries, which can meet the characters and actual operation of the industry, after studying the specific industry’s requirements in function. It can also help enterprises improve management quality and enhance operation efficiency for the long-term development of the company.


Where are our customers? How can we approach them? Why do they choose the products of our company rather than others? Facing such an intense business competition, it is critical to know thoroughly about the thinking mode and purchase habits of the customers in order to win the competition.

With the sales channel management refined by ERP+, you can create a sales mode that truly meets the customers’ needs by collaborating dealers and online sales strategy and re-integrating resources.


The goal of ERP+ is to connect, integrate and optimize the company’s internal and external resources, create a more considerate users experience and deliver higher customer value.

The intelligent collaboration can create a more agile supply chain (production, supply and sales) in order the meet the fast market changes together; contact suppliers and dealers to establish a more efficient communication mode; at the same time, lead the company to do adjustment and reforms correspondingly in order to create more value for the company.


With the swift change of technology and client’s requirements, an innovative thinking mode has become the key for a company’s sustainable development.

Due to the multi-regional, multi-national and multi-factory layout, the change of operation environment and emerging of new technologies, a brand new enterprise management mode has created and it brings in the intelligent requirements in finance, production, sales channel and supplier collaboration.

With the above business environment and changes as the core, Kingdee ERP+ integrates supply chain, financial management, HR management and customer relationship. The upgraded ERP+ solution can help companies build an operation and management mode that is closer to demands.

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