Financial Securities Core Applications

Credit limit of banks

The comprehensive credit limit refers to a convenient financing service provided by a bank to its customer. As long as the credit balance does not exceed the index of the corresponding service, despite the accumulated amount and times of granting, the bank can process the financing service to the customer quickly. In this way, the customer can conveniently recycle the capital of the bank and their requirements in fast and convenient financial service are met.

Application for loans with banks

For loan application, the system processes the application procedure. According to the preset work flow in the system, after the application is approved, a loaning sheet is generated for the borrower. If the loan happens inside the group, a corporate loan or entrust loan or capital transaction can be approved for company that applied the loan. Since the time span for financing is long, after the loan application is approved, the financing outcome is booked as “other” and set it “succeed” or “fail” in financing outcome.

Loan processing of banks

It can process all loaning businesses in the organization including bank loans, project financing and short-term financing. Add an item in “financing type” in basic data. Choose the proper financing type in adding loan sheet.

Loan renewal processing of banks

If the loan cannot be paid before due, according to the latest agreement between the borrower and the bank, the loan can be renewed. The renewal is to process the time span of loan renewing and it will change the due date and loan interest rate. The influence of the renewal: the loan interest will change after the former due date. It remains the same before the due date and the interest will be re-calculated according to the new rate.

Retirement of bank loans

The borrower will pay the loan and interest on the due date according to the agreement with the bank.

Banking expense management

Financing expense usually occurs in the financing business between the group and the bank, including loan, syndicated loan and bond financing. Financing expense is an important part of financing cost and needs to be managed separately in order to facilitate the data collection in analyzing financing cost. This part is to manage all relevant expense in financing business.

Time deposit management of banks

Time deposit, informing of new deposit, inquiry and business processing; support the edit, check, approval, change from time deposit to current deposit、financial document printing and accessory management of bank time deposit.

Corporate loan processing

Able to process the addition, inquiry and processing of corporate loans; support the edit, check, approval, renewal, overdue, payment, receipt processing, credit leveling, budget check, financial document printing, accessory management.

Corporate loan renewal

Renewal inquiry and management; supporting the check of the loan renewal, receipt processing and accessory management.

Corporate loan retirement

Payment inquiry and management; supporting the check, approval, processing of corporate payment, receipt processing, budget check, financial document printing and accessory management.

Corporate loan statement

Summary sheet of corporate loans,Balance sheet of corporate loan,List of corporate loan risk levels.

Interest management

Generally, the bank will inform the corporate of the actual payable interest. However, in order to make a rational fund arrangement, the corporate needs to know the payable interest after a certain period of time in advance in order to prepare the money. Concerning some loans that have a long-term interest period, the company always apportions the interest according to accounting cycle. These requirements can be met with the loan interest calculation function of the system.

Interest management – advance of interest

Through accruals, the interest can be determined according to the starting date and ending date of accounting period rather than to the interest period regulated in the loan contract. No matter how the interest is paid, seasonal, half-annual, annual or one-time by due, clients can accrual interest monthly and apportion the expense to each month in order to guarantee the realness of the financial data.

Proprietary trade account management

A variety of financial operations, including IPO, proprietary trade of stocks, unlisted stocks, bonds, and derivatives will be designed for the financial composite management platform to facilitate management in the following areas:
1.Proprietary trade of stocks, unlisted stocks, bonds, and derivatives for management needs;
2.The bookkeeping of proprietary trade shall be performed promptly in accordance with acceptable accounting principle. The dividends and interests deriving from the financial instruments in holding shall be tracked in the records. The financial instruments should also be evaluated at a fair value monthly and booked.
3.The ledger for tracking proprietary trade from buying to selling helps the enterprises to establish regulated bookkeeping system of proprietary trade.

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