Kingdee K/3 Wise
A leader in smart factory IoT

Leverages cloud services, ERP and the IoT to help companies build an industrial Internet and digital management platform

A digital management platform that supports the business applications of growth companies

Kingdee K/3 WISE is an informatisation platform designed for growth companies striving to adapt to changes in businesses and management as they grow rapidly. It integrates cloud services, ERP and IoT technologies to help enterprises from informatisation to industrial Internet and digital management platform construction

Process-based management

Achieves process-based management of sales, procurement and production to build an “integrated system for managing business, finances and taxes”

Smart factories

Leverages technologies such as IoT, RFID and QR codes to help enterprises achieve connectivity with things and equipment, achieve supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) at warehouses and workshops, build smart factories using control and scheduling systems, and build an industrial internet and control platform

Precision operation

Builds an enterprise operation platform that has demand at its core and cost management as its goal, with coordination of four major resources: plan-driven employees, materials, production capacity and partner resources

Industrial connectivity

Leverages ERP + Cloud-Hub to help companies achieve business mobilisation;
Leverages “process + people” to facilitate information-driven communication and collaboration between enterprises and external partner organisations;
Helps achieve business synergies between enterprises and partners by leveraging supplier relationship management (SRM) and enterprise business development & information (EBDI) tools.

Value of Kingdee K/3 WISE to customers

Intelligent production and manufacturing

Cloud computing, big data, AI, builds an industrial Internet platform

Precision cost management

Different precision levels of management of actual, operating and standard costs

Digital operational management

Leverages IoT technology to help enterprises achieve automatic collation and analysis of production and equipment data and become digital enterprises

Integration of business and finance

Business-driven finance, achieves organic fusion of business processes, financial accounting processes, and management processes based on businesses

Cloud-based business applications

From business to equipment, all is cloud-based, enabling more flexible application of resources; makes operation and maintenance simpler and more reliably secure

Clearly traceable quality control

Equipment monitoring, production, inventory barcode management, help enterprises achieve clearly traceable quality control

Core functions of Kingdee K/3 WISE

APS (advanced planning and scheduling) solutions

APS can help optimise the allocation of production resources:
• Takes production capacity and other constraints into account during the planning and scheduling process. The system can intelligently and directly compile the main production plan and the process-level operational plan for each item of equipment in the workshop.
• Develops plans, and displays daily production plans using the Gantt chart, enables the simulation of plans by dragging blocks;
• Supports graphical display of materials and resource centre’s load conditions, allows for the adjustment of plans by dragging the colour blocks for resource load;

PMC (planning and material control) solutions

PMC helps ensure production and cut inventories:
• Visualised PMC planning platform, uses Gantt charts to show the planning status and execution progress of sales orders and related production orders and shows whether raw materials needed for production are already in stock, helps planners place production tasks in a timely manner and facilitate production execution;
• PMC material control platform, displays the future daily supply and demand details of each material, provides advance or timely warning of material shortages, idle inventories, and abnormal production/procurement conditions, helping improve material management levels and cut costs.

MES + equipment networking solutions

MES + equipment networking can help achieve production automation and visualisation:
• With the help of smart workshop terminals, enterprises can conveniently assign and check tasks and process drawings on a real-time basis, and get real-time feedback on task completion and inspection;
• With the help of the Andon call system, it will notify the relevant personnel with SMS and Cloud-Hub messages to ensure that problems are handled immediately;
• With equipment networking, enterprises can connect equipment with their ERP system to achieve automatic acquisition of production data and real-time monitoring of equipment status and operation parameters;

EBDI solutions

EBDI helps connect with partners:
• Connection and data exchange between K/3 systems, promotion of business sharing and collaboration.
• Enterprise connectivity: supports enterprises in achieving ERP system connection and business interaction with other enterprises in different places, by adopting the API WEB service model.
• Data sharing and exchange: correspondence and data exchange between systems regarding procurement, sales and production.
• Cross-enterprise business inquiries: supports enterprises in checking the execution status of orders of companies with related businesses based on order.

Intelligent warehousing management

Intelligent WMS helps improve warehouses’ operating efficiency:
• Dashboard management: uses dashboards to notify warehouse personnel to process business and achieve visit transparency and visualisation.
• Pick-to-light systems: the electronic light display directs warehouse personnel to the site where they may pick goods

Procurement management solutions

Meets the following key needs:
• Connects with suppliers, improves supply chain efficiency;
• Works together with suppliers to build a collaboration platform featuring two-way, seamless connection;
• Efficient communication: delivers procurement information on a real time basis by using Cloud-Hub.

Smart financial solutions

Meets the following key needs:
• Smart bookkeeping, AI-based intelligent identification, replacing manual entry
• Electronic filing, electronic archiving, improving retrieval and review efficiency
• Financial robots, achieving fully automated processing of daily businesses

Comprehensive cost management solutions

Meets the following key needs:
• Kingdee K/3 WISE provides comprehensive cost solutions and offers cost data-based analysis to help enterprises control and cut costs in various business areas;
• Comprehensive cost management: offers different levels of management specific to actual, operating and standard costs
• Cost data analysis: analyses businesses from different perspectives, examining each cost item from different perspectives to find the most effective cost control method

Expense management solutions

Puts a business-driven approach, financial control and data control at the centre of management:
• Budget control: offers flexible expense budget control by adopting multi-dimensional combinations
• Flexibility: provides expense processing methods for multiple scenarios
• Multiple integration: integration with general ledger, receivables and payables accounting to achieve business data-sharing
• Expense analysis: internal management analysis, providing reference for employee performance appraisal and process optimisation


Why choose Kingdee K/3 WISE

Cross-network collaboration, integrated application of offline ERP software and online cloud services

Enterprises’ core applications are primarily based on local area networks. Supports remote multi-terminal access and supports shift to WAN application models, meets the needs of enterprises whose non-core applications are becoming increasingly reliant on the Internet, supports the integrated application of offline ERP software and online applications.

IoT, build Internet of Everything-compatible factories

Achieves connectivity between people and adopts the “people + process” model by leveraging Cloud-Hub + ERP; achieves connectivity between people and matters and the processing of relevant matters on mobile devices by leveraging ERP + light applications; achieves connectivity between people and things by leveraging ERP + QR coding; achieves connectivity between things and exchange and self-generation of equipment operation information by leveraging ERP + equipment networking; achieves automated business exchange between enterprises by leveraging ERP + ERP.

Intelligent manufacturing under the C2M model

Offers consumer-oriented e-commerce solutions, supports the C2M model by generating orders based on demand and adopting the planning model; provides consumer-to-business solutions, allows enterprises to adopt EBDI solutions and supports integrated applications for enterprises’ horizontal businesses; provides vertical integrated applications covering aspects from consumer demand, corporate operation (ERP) and production (MES, WMS) to workshop-warehouse-equipment.

Eight excellent models

Online and offline integration model; industrial chain collaboration model; R&D and manufacturing synergy model; C2M and intelligent manufacturing model; IoT and digital workshop application model; comprehensive cost analysis and management model; travel and expense management model; Amoeba management model





• 實現了工序級的APS計劃排程,工序計劃指令直接與工廠設備PLC的打通;
• 工廠調度、生產現場指令通過CPS平臺進行串聯,實現設備的自動控制;
• 智能立體倉庫與K/3 WISE的全面集成;
• 企業信息端到端的整合,同時實現手機端對企業運營管理的控制。










• 建立了壹套完整的料耗、工時、費用等標準,降低成本;
• 基於標準定額,推行人員激勵,實現員工自我管理:
• 通過工序匯報和單元排產計算生產負荷,進行生產小組標準定額的績效考核。





• 通過EBDI方案應用,業務流程精簡了20%以上;
• 自動生成訂單單據和出入庫單據,擺脫重復工作,工作效率提高50%以上;
• 系統流程的自動銜接,核算準確率近100%,保障業務順利進行;
• 業務運轉通暢,資金往來準確,運營成本降低。


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