Business Challenges
Lack of Assistance among Organisations and Low Efficiency
It is difficult for enterprises to cooperate in purchasing, inventory, sales, and other businesses among multiple organisations. The industrial chain entity lacks the empowerment of distributors and lacks the coordination in the supply and outsourcing links, resulting in the low efficiency of the supply chain.
Lack of Assessment of the Source and Big Fluctuations
The source lacks interaction with distributors and customers and also lacks evaluation, which increases the complexity of the back-end and fluctuations at the source; the source lacks a responsibility mechanism, which amplifies fluctuations.
Insufficient Detail, High Inventory
Due to the lack of inventory detail, it is difficult to support priority, estimated warehouse receipt and delivery, multi-location inventory, supplier inventory, consignment and other businesses, which makes inventory management more challenging.
Lack of Coordination in Procurement and High Cost
The lack of coordination in procurement volume, prices, and delivery dates, and high cost in procurement, lead to high corporate costs. It is difficult for companies to find sources more broadly. In addition, insufficient optimisation of procurement strategies and non-transparent procurement execution result in high purchasing cost and uncontrollable quality.
Digital Supply Chain Smart Integration
The close integration of modern digital technology and the supply chain model makes for the digital supply chain. This opens up business flow, information flow, capital flow, and logistics in the supply chain and enables the visual management of the supply chain, which has the potential to be instant, visible, perceptible and adjustable in real time. The close integration of modern digital technology and the supply chain model strikes a balance among customised orders, inventory, and sales forecasts, establishes a flexible supply chain, transforms the original supply chain-based business model to an ecosystem-based business model, and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the company.
Application of Mobile Supply Chains
Application of mobile supply chains, covering multiple sales settings and roles, procurement, management and suppliers, making supply chain services friendlier, more prompt and efficient to improve company efficiency as a whole
All-scenario Barcode Application
The Kingdee Cloud supply chain cloud barcode application management in the supply chain connects raw materials and finished product management. The whole process from raw material storage to production manufacturing, workshop process tracking, to storage of the finished product, warehouse sales and inventory can be achieved through barcodes by quickly and accurately recording orders, increasing company work efficiency and reducing error probability.
Multi-organisational Supply Chain Service
Efficiently supports supply chain business operations between multiple organisations, factories and locations, and aids companies in optimising internal business processes
Complete Supply Chain Resolution Program
Provides modules for procurement management, sales management, inventory management, credit management, and inter-organisational transactions, covering all enterprise internal supply chain management core tasks
Innovation Services
Provides financial services and third-party warehousing services to supply chains in order to achieve integration of supply and collaborative symbiosis
Intelligent Cooperation
Provides intelligent and lean supply chain application settings based on the digital supply chain control tower model, cooperation between organisations, and provides collection and a sales global inventory model to promote turnover
Mutual Interests
Increases value for the enterprise through cooperation between distributors, suppliers and logistics distribution management
Online Data
This empowers all players in the supply chain, and the intelligent push of high-frequency business data allows for digital services in supply chain settings