Customer Relationship

Provides the marketing personnel of the enterprises leads, picking up customers, customer value analysis, and the management and control of the routine duties of sales personnel. Explains the effective management of potential customers, picking up valuable leads for selling, and the effective management of the routine duties of the sales personnel by the enterprises can help to improve work efficiency.

CRM Solution for core business

The Kingdee CRM solution helps to uncover core potential customers, discover leads, and 360°multilateral …

Flexible framework for supporting CRM of many organizations

Sharing, distribution and private control strategy of the CRM basic data help …

Simple and ready use core basic data

Provides core basic data such as types of events and customers, the importance of the events, relation type…

360° Multilateral CRM

With the information surrounding the customers multilaterally, such as the basic information, event information…

Systematic Tracking Schedule Management

With the establishment and approval of work plan, and the assignment, execution and accomplishment of activities…

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