Cloud ERP-supplier chain

Cloud processing center for enterprise business

Easily processing client orders, procurement demand, business collaboration at any time and place

Flexible and open business coordination among several organizations

Seamless business operation among several organizations, factories and locations within the enterprise
Efficient and open multiple management and control mode of enterprise procurement, sales and decentralized operation in uniform.
A full collaboration of upstream and downstream industrial chain from supplier to dealers and consumers

Comprehensive application function

Comprehensive and effective management and control of the enterprise’s information flow, logistics and capital flow
Covering all core businesses in the financial management of the enterprise’s supply chain
Highly integrated with payable and receivable accounts, internal settlement within the organization and inventory accounting
An enterprise-level solution truly facing the financial business management of supply chain

Refined business control and management

Flexible multi-level business control mode
Refined management and business control applicable to all types of enterprises
Flexible and rich inventory management helps enterprises know about the details of inventory comprehensively
A clear inventory status can help the enterprise know about the details of the inventory directly

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